A Bad Review for My Book: How Great is That ?

A few weeks ago the unthinkable happened. I got a bad review for my book on Amazon. Guess what? I L-O-V-E it. My thoughts are this; I’m not writing books for everyone. I’m writing books for me and for people who like to read the same kind of stuff that I do.



In my life philosophy, if people don’t get mad at you sometimes then you are obviously never taking risks with your thoughts, words, and actions. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want a lot of people to disagree with me or criticize my books, but if I occasionally get someone’s undies in a bunch then I think I’ve probably done something noteworthy



The reader, whom I shall not name, gave the book three stars and started her review by saying, “Not what I expected. I did not finish the book. I stopped about 1/3 of the way through.”  Really lady? You decided not to finish the book because it was too scary and then gave it a 3 star rating anyway? Maybe it would have gotten all five stars if she had read the other two thirds.

She also said, “There is some swearing in this book. The usual words may not be used but you know what is intended.” What? Characters in a book acting like normal human beings? I can’t believe it. Hide your children! Contact the authorities!

Furthermore she added, “The boys frequently ignore rule for their safety, climb out their windows when they are supposed to be in their rooms.” Oh no! Fictional characters having fun and acting age appropriate? Get this on a banned books list somewhere immediately!

What really cheesed me off, and I do not say that lightly because I’ve never been cheesed off before, is that she gave away three crucial plot elements that occur in the first third of the book. If you don’t like my book, fine. We all have different tastes. Apparently she was searching for a book for small children and thought that the synopsis mentioning a serial killer wasn’t clear enough. If you don’t like it, I don’t care, but don’t ruin surprises in the book for others.

All in all, I’m pleased that someone read part of my book, hated it, and thinks it should be at least PG-13. I’m not suggesting any of you go write bad reviews just to please me, but if you clicked on the book in the right sidebar and read it I wouldn’t mind a bit.

Have a great Monday! ~Phil

20 responses to “A Bad Review for My Book: How Great is That ?

  1. Um, was this a joke? This person can’t be serious. She probably hates pasta because it isn’t ice-cream and gets confused when it turns out that planes go up in the air instead of running along tracks on land.

    So she realizes it’s a thriller, but still reviews it as if it were “a story about friendship.” And ignoring safety rules might be something to warn parents about, but this family-dysfunction, swearing, deathly narrative still “may appeal more to boys than girls.” Wow, lady, just wow.

    • LOL, you went and read the whole thing? She’s entitled not to like it but I just hate that she spoiled a few of the plot surprises in her review.

      • Damn right I did. I’m a PhD student, I can only form opinions after studying the source firsthand. The spoilers sucked. And I’m not even sure that she understands this complex institution of writing. But then again, maybe this was just a tease and we’ll get the other two thirds of her review after she actually finishes the book.

      • Ironically, if she had finished the book she would have discovered that it really is about the bond between friends. Her loss.

  2. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer would give this woman an aneurysm.

  3. What an idiot for giving away the plot points. Even for her complaints, 3/5 is pretty good, right?

  4. Ignoring safety rules! Bwahahahaha! That review makes me want to read the book. 😀 (Don’t you feel a little bad for the life that person must be living?)

  5. Always great to get a reaction, whether good or bad. That being said, this woman sounds like a f**king prude who clearly has no concept of childhood. I hope she doesn’t have kids.

    • I’m only upset that she revealed a few crucial plot points. Otherwise I’m kind of sad for someone who believes that everything in life should be clean, perfect, and predictable. Life is going to be pretty disappointing every day if that’s your mindset. Thank you for your tremendous support Marissa!

  6. Phil….as the old man said when kicked by the jackass, “First, consider the source.”

    • LOL, that is true. I don’t mind a little dissension. If everyone thought it was fun and comfortable then it would mean that I played it too safe, which is apparently what that reader wanted.

  7. Loved your post – have not *yet* read the book but am tempted to do so now. Maybe you can complain to Amazon because of the ‘spoilers’ – that’s just incredibly bad form on the part of the reviewer.

  8. First, I don’t knock the woman for being extremely conservative. It is her right to hold whatever values she wishes, as long as they don’t trample someone else’s. Second, as others have said, her conservative nod of 3 stars means she liked the book despite her values, and is probably the the equivalent of a non-conservative’s 4 or 5 stars. But third and last, she sucks big-time for ruining the book for others, and people KNOW when they do this. They want to show…they’re in the know. Like boastful brats. How frustrating for you, and a real loss, because it can affect sales.

    • Thanks Outlier Babe. I respect her right to have an opinion and I certainly am not marketing that book towards children. Reviews both good and bad are part of the business. Books are like food or music. We all have different tastes and I can’t please everyone.

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