What’s In A Name

A genius walks among us. Marissa makes Shel Silverstein and Maya Angelou look like slackers.

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Oh hon look at our little lamb
Pictured in the sonogram
She looks so small so sweet and dear
I just can’t wait til she is here
We have her crib, some clothes her wipes her
Toys, layette sets and her diapers
One thing though it’s very plain
Our little one just needs a name

I just can’t guess a name other
Than that one of my nice old mother
Don’t you think that would be special?
Problem solved, we’ll call her Ethel!

How could you be so unwitting
Please tell me that you are kidding
Surely even you can see
That woman always hated me
Hideous backwards compliments
She always doubts my competence
I’ll name my daughter for that ogre
Only once hell freezes over

But I think I have our answer
Candie Nikki Trixie Amber

Oh my God what is your goal?
To drive…

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One response to “What’s In A Name

  1. Thank you for the inspriration and the reblog Phil!


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