Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons I Want to Live in Hotels Forever

I’m traveling for work this week so I thought I’d reblog this Top Ten from last year about my love for hotels. Have a great Thursday ! ~Phil

The Phil Factor

If sometime in hopefully the very near future I win a lottery of approximately 1 trillion dollars I am going to sell my house and car and spend the rest of my life in hotels.


10. No lawn to mow: At hotels I won’t have any yardwork and yet the hedges will always be impeccably trimmed and sometimes in the whimsical shapes of animals. Or should it be the shapes of whimsical animals? Are animals capable of whimsy? I’m not even sure I am.

9. Housekeeping! Who doesn’t want their room cleaned every day? I imagine though that I’d develop an unhealthy Mom complex with my housekeeper to the point that she asks to be re-assigned to another floor.

8. The hotel bar: If I lived there it would be like Cheers and everyone would know my name and yell “Phil!” when I walk in.

7. Coffee in my room: I…

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One response to “Top Ten Tuesday! Ten Reasons I Want to Live in Hotels Forever

  1. Phil, I would give anything to find someone yo ” foot the bill” for me to live in a nice hotel or even those suites for business professionals.

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