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New Eyes is a new book by first time author Steve Treu. I know I don’t usually get into any deep thoughts here at #ThePhilFactor, but Steve’s got some really interesting ideas that may open some eyes. Let’s get right to it!

TPF: In a nutshell, what makes your book, New Eyes, and your theory different from all the other self-help books people have to choose from?

Steve: Jesus, Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha and Albert Einstein all walk into a bar for a discussion. They walk out together as friends. That’s New Eyes in a nutshell!

This book is revolutionary in its depth and breadth. First it dives into quantum physics to identify the true source of our problems, and then it links together all of the world’s well-known religions to support the idea that evolving consciousness is the primary objective of the human species.

While it goes deep into uncharted waters, New Eyes was essentially written for the layman. I’m a former sportswriter and nothing in this book will go over anyone’s head. I didn’t write it to impress college professors, I wrote it so that everyone could have practical access to some of the greatest mysteries within this universe. In other words, as complex as New Eyes may sound, my goal was to keep it as simple as possible. Ultimately, the intention of this book is to inspire a paradigm shift.

TPF: Are you talking about spirituality from a scientific perspective or are you a spiritualist looking at science from a religious point of view?

Steve: Yes. Which is to say, both! The book makes the case that the two disciplines are not mutually exclusive, as science and spirituality are merely different languages that are describing the same thing. It begins with a scientific perspective, explaining the nature of reality through the lens of quantum physics, then shifts toward the non-physical perspective to shed light on the true meaning and purpose of spiritual teachings.

Unfortunately, religion has been greatly misunderstood and misapplied for centuries, creating conflict and division throughout the world.

Steve Treu

Steve Treu

TPF: If someone isn’t looking for self-insight or improvement, what would they like about your book?

Steve: Knowledge is power, and readers are telling me that they feel both after finishing New Eyes. The middle section of the book is filled with super cool concepts.  If you enjoy movies like “The Matrix” or “Interstellar” or “Inception” or anything of that genre, you will be fascinated to know that the world of science fiction is becoming science fact. There is surely much fodder for Jeopardy enthusiasts or trivia buffs in New Eyes.

TPF: What has been the most surprising reaction you’ve gotten to your book?

Steve: Good question. I’ve worked with over 3,000 clients in my life as a licensed professional counselor, nearly all with addiction or mental health issues. I have seen first hand how the concepts in this book heal people as they shift their perspective on life, with countless clients reporting that they feel “cured” from what had ailed them. So I am not surprised when I hear from them how they have been impacted by New Eyes. Plus, my 12-year-old son Aidan said he wanted to read it … and then I actually caught him doing so. That was surprising. (And also gratifying!)

TPF: What can you tell me about your company Quantum Revolution, Inc.?

Steve: As the name implies, we are starting a revolution of the mind that we intend to go viral. Reality-changing scientific concepts have been kept quiet for far too long.

Indeed, the book begins with a little story about a man from the 1500’s who is among the first to realize that earth revolves around the sun. Can you imagine not knowing that? Well, future generations will one day look back upon us, shaking their heads in amusement that we were unaware of some of the scientific facts that we have not been applying.

I’d hate to be the last one to find out that the sun does not revolve around the earth. At Quantum Revolution, we hate to see people struggling when both science and spiritual show that suffering is unnecessary.

As such, we are a mental health and addiction treatment company that utilizes such principles to help people heal. When they shift their consciousness, they improve their lives. Our goal is to make these concepts known to anyone who wishes to be on the cutting edge of modern science and spiritual awakening.

TPF: So what’s next for you?

Steve: I am already writing another book, called Hope Is Dope, which is really more of a basic manual for teachers, students, ministers and anyone else who is interested in taking part in this Quantum Revolution. We want to overthrow the way addiction treatment is done in this country by advocating a more love-based approach, one that features virtues such as compassion, wisdom, forgiveness and hope as opposed to shame, guilt, threats and punishment.

It is an empowering model, as each individual person needs to take complete responsibility for their emotional state as well as for their healing. This is a significant part of what New Eyes is about as well, that the world is healed on the level of the individual. Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, each person who elevates consciousness facilitates the development of others.

Bottom line, Quantum Revolution Inc. is going to be working on inspiring people to see the world differently. We plan to do this through therapy, education, books, seminars, inspirational speakers, social media, documentaries, feature films, video games and perhaps a quantum theme park one day. (We like to dream big.) In the end, we hope that all of us can walk out of this place together as friends.

TPF: Thanks Steve. My readersand I really appreciate you taking your time to talk about your book, which is available in both paperback and e-book format from Amazon. You can also find his work on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram as quantum.revolution. For those of you celebrating the holiday today, Happy Easter and for those not, have a great Sunday! ~Phil

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  1. “New Eyes” is a great read for anyone. I myself have dealt with addiction, physical & mental abuse, and great loss of many in the physical world ….but the concepts and ideas in this book helped me overcome all the obstacles and storms that have come my way . I’ve tried it all from medications to rehab and I never found my way until something bigger than myself brought me in contact with Quantum and New Eyes . I am “clean” from all drugs for multiple years, I no longer need my medication for my depression , and I’ve found the answers to all those questions I’ve had my entire life . “New Eyes” has become like my own personal outline to finding my higher self . I once lived blind and today because of what I have learned and continue to learn (because this book you will read over and over again ) has helped me find peace and hope when I believed there to be none . Please take a gift and read “New Eyes “…find your path to inner peace and freedom from the physical ego of fear and pain that holds us all hostage at one time .

  2. I suffered and struggled with chronic, severe clinical depression since the age of three. I was unable to hold a job most of my adult life and had along the way created massive destruction in my life and among my beloved children and family members mostly based on my attempts to escape from the fear and despair which followed me. When I met Steve approximately four years ago, I was at the end of my rope. Steve shared with me the concepts and teachings of New Eyes long before he had published it. Because of what I learned from Steve along with other supportive teachings and wisdom, the depression which never before left me even for a moment in 57 years began to fade at first almost imperceptibly until it evaporated altogether. Now years later, I have not had a single episode or anything near it of depression. What’s more, I am consistently, perpetually joyful and peaceful. What I learned through Steve’s teachings based on ancient spiritual teachers and renowned physicists such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck is there is nothing to fear. There is no reason for despair. Who I am and from whence I came is reason to live openly, happily, peacefully and joyfully. In New Eyes, Steve presents everything that is necessary to understand what’s true spiritually and scientifically, their non-disparity, and gives a clear opening and vision, paths to consciousness and the infinite possibilities available to all of us.

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  5. Steve Treu is amazing. His sessions are on diverse topics linking science and spirituality. He is crystal clear. I have moved out of the US and miss attending the weekly sessions in Pittsburg.

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