Thursday Doors!

All over the WordPress universe every Thursday, people post pictures of doors. This tradition is the brainchild of Norm of Norm 2.0. I’ve never participated in it before because I do Throwback Thursdays, but a little part of me has always wanted to be a part of the zeitgeist that Norm created that dominates the Thursday posts. This past week I came across a couple good door pictures from my trip to Barcelona five years ago. So for the first time ever, here’s my contribution to Thursday Doors:


Have a great Thursday! ~Phil

16 responses to “Thursday Doors!

  1. Great addition. So few doors come with Phils.:)

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  2. The door suits you, blends nicely with your outfit 🙂

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  3. Awesome! Welcome my friend – so glad you decided to join in 🙂
    In case any asks: Including people in the shot helps with perspective, especially on big doors like these.
    Barcelona is on my bucket list, I can only imagine all the wonderful architecture and amazing doors.

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  4. What a gorgeous door…the architecture is lovely. I hadn’t heard of this Thurs. door tradition. Hmmm…checking for pics. 🙂

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  5. Great door! Great picture!

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  6. Makes me want to go back to Barcelona. Great door Phil! Anita

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  7. That’s a great shot.

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