Cleanliness is Next To…Phil?

Sorry for the re-run, but it is Throwback Thursday. Please enjoy this classic Phil Factor post from 2013

The Phil Factor

I had to travel for work this past week and as usual that almost always is the genesis for a good blog post. This week was no different.


I used to always ask for an exit row seat when I flew because they have more room due to the door there. It was like getting first class leg room for free. Unfortunately about two years ago the airlines caught on and started charging extra for the exit row seats. I completely disagree with this policy. Not just because they ruined my little scam, but because when you sit in the exit row they always ask you if your are physically fit enough to help in the event of an emergency.

First of all,  if I’m going to be taking on the responsibility of helping save lives if there’s a crash I think the airline should be paying me. Secondly it’s…

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One response to “Cleanliness is Next To…Phil?

  1. That’s beauty, Phil! I figure I’ve doubled my dirt intake, too. And added a pound or two pet hair on top of it all. There’s a figure on how many spiders we consume over our lifetime, too. I didn’t look it up but its a LOT. So here’s to making our immune systems WORK so that when the real germs come around we’re tough enough to fight them off!

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