Wordless Wednesday!

Nothing this interesting ever happens on my flights. How about you? Have a great Wednesday! ~ Phil

28 responses to “Wordless Wednesday!

  1. This was absolutely disgraceful. You’re right …no words. x

  2. I don’t know about this, I shall look out for your words tomorrow.

  3. Hope it doesn’t happen to me on my flight tomorrow

  4. This is outrageous, isn’t it? I look forward to tomorrow’s post.

  5. One never expects to be brutalized while aboard a flight…United Airlines has forgotten that trust is # 1 in the mind of customers…or doesn’t that matter anymore. I am outraged.

  6. And to think, my biggest complaint when flying used to be the seat neighbor who wouldn’t shut up!

  7. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  8. Maybe on your next flight you’ll get lucky and, upon landing, it’ll encounter wind shear and microbursts.
    Now THAT can be really exciting!

  9. While I have missed going far away — I have not missed flying. I really don’t look forward to flying NOW.

  10. Luckily I’ve never seen anything this dramatic on a flight. I do get a lot of stares when I wear a life jacket though. I don’t want to take a chance with the seat cushion if I need a floatation device. Have you seen how lumpy and flat they are?

  11. Can’t say anyone has ever been roughed up and dragged off one of my flights before. Hard to imagine that this actually happened, like, in real life. So gross. I am completely appalled.

  12. M left wordless

  13. dramatic.

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