A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

Thank you to my friend Steve McSteveface for including my book in his review of time travel movies and shows!

Steve McSteveface

I’ve always been a huge fan of time travel!

Obviously not in the same way as Professor Stephen Hawking is a fan since I’m not interested in proving that it’s possible I’m interested in watching TV shows and movies about where it is possible.

Movies such as Back To The Future, The Terminator and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure I’ve watched countless times.

The fact that these particular movies were made in the 80s is an added bonus for me.

A more recent movie I watched that involved time travel was About Time.

I LOVED this which is no surprise as it’s from the same team that brought us Four Weddings, Notting Hill and Love Actually and who doesn’t love this movies? Due to that there was never any doubt that this would be an ultimate “feel good flick” but what I didn’t expect was for it to…

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