Who Stole The “Reblog” Button?

If you hadn’t noticed yet, our “Reblog” button has disappeared. In the meantime you can use the “Press This” button for the same action.  Here is the official response from the WordPress developer

Hi everyone,

We’re aware of the missing Reblog button, and our developers are looking into it. We’ll update here once we have more information.

Thanks to John Howell of Fiction Favorites for giving me the heads up about this. Have a great Friday and feel free to “Press This”! ~Phil

9 responses to “Who Stole The “Reblog” Button?

  1. Thanks for the mention, Phil. Thaks also for contacting WP. We’ll see how it goes.

  2. Oooh! I was trying to add this to my blog this week, but couldn’t work out how. That makes sense if it has disappeared!

    Thank you for solving that little mystery!

  3. LOL. I thought I had missed an update.

  4. It didn’t go missing, ffs. They’ve been pushing the “Press This” over reblog for a while… why not just admit they made the change to try it out, rather than act all, “oh, where’d that silly old button get off to now? We’ll have a look behind the couch and get back to you.”

  5. Why not just leave well enough alone. The reblog is so easy. I don’t particularly care for the “press this”. It isn’t the same as a reblog!

  6. Thanks for letting us know. My follow buttons also disappeared in the last month and they can’t figure that on out either.

  7. Useful thanks Phil 👍🏻

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