The Afterlife Satisfaction Survey

What if this isn’t all there is? What if life is like a flight or a hotel stay? What if, after we shuffle off this mortal coil, we have to complete a customer satisfaction survey or exit interview before we can move on to the next realm? What would your answers be?

Welcome to the Afterlife Satisfaction Survey. Please rate your satisfaction with THIS life using a 10 point scale where “10” represents “Extremely Satisfied” and “1” represents “Extremely Dissatisfied”

During THIS life, how satisfied were you with:

Your overall experience as a person: ___

Quality of Arrival/Pre-Arrival Experience:___

Your satisfaction with the food options:___

Helpfulness of other humans:____

Length of your stay? Too short___ Too Long ___ Just right___

Quality of your departure experience:____

Would you recommend this life to others?  Yes  No

If you’d like to include any comments or recommendations please include them in the comments below:

If you were to fill out one of these surveys, what would your comments be? Add them in the comments section

Have a great Friday! ~Phil

26 responses to “The Afterlife Satisfaction Survey

  1. There are some things I’d like to get off my chest.

  2. Actually, I have been keeping notes. After I die, I’m going to reference them when speaking to God.

    “Look,” I’m going to say, “I love your work but may I make a few suggestions?

    How about an “OFF” button for pain?

    And mosquitoes? Really?”

  3. Oh my goodness. Thanks for the intriguing giggle this morning. 🤦🏼‍♀️🖤

  4. If I could ask Satan anything: how long have you been running PennDot?

  5. I would say that all seems to work quite well but would suggest that someone take charge of the government since there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to do it.

  6. I need an extra page… am I allowed to list specific humans who displeased or offended me?

    Also: durian fruit. What? No. Let’s talk.

  7. Trump? Really? (I’m Canadian, but, still…really?)

  8. On the whole, my life to date has been pretty good, Phil. The future; well, that is something else and just can’t predict it.

  9. What’s the ranking number for so far, so good?

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