Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

If you know who this is, you’re my new best friend

Missing: My writing mojo

Age: 13 years

Height: 12pt.

Hair: It can be hairy, but it hasn’t been lately.

Missing since: May 19, 2018

I’m not calling this writer’s block. I can write. Look! I’m doing it now. I personally think saying that you have writer’s block is stupid. You can write anything anytime. I’m doing it right now. Or is it write now?

What most people refer to as writer’s block should more accurately be referred to as writer’s malaise. Doesn’t have as good of a ring to it does it? That’s what I’ve been feeling for almost two months now. I can write, but there’s nothing I write that I enjoy. And my writing doesn’t have the zing that I like. You know that feeling when you’re writing and it’s fun and when  you’re done you can see your personality smeared all over the page? I’m missing that. That’s my mojo. If you see it, please send to thephilfactor.com.

25 responses to “Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

  1. Jennifer Gottschalk

    Sorry – can’t help with your malaise (I post pictures to my blog because making fractals is way easier than writing). I have identified the character at the top of your post (and hopefully earned my place as your new best friend). The character is Mojo Jojo, the monkey villain from the Powder Puff Girls cartoon (circa 1998).

  2. Totally with you Phil – mine is just about returning after several months of nothing at all. Perhaps our mojos went on holiday together?

  3. Mojos have taking the summer off. They’ll be back with a nice tan. 😊

  4. I reckon your mojo and my mojo are currently sitting in a cave together having a few drinks and shooting the sh*t. I did actually post something new today after a few weeks’ hiatus, but I quickly retreated back to the cave!

  5. Malaise. Aye.

  6. You need to do some prompts to get your writing muscles back into shape. There are a number out there. They can be helpful.

  7. Oh boy, Phil, I feel your pain. My mojo is around somewhere, just not sure where. I’m sure you’ll get yours back soon. Could just be your brain’s way of letting you know you need a break. 😊

  8. Have you stopped to think that maybe your Mojo is lost somewhere and is asking everyone “Has anyone seen my Phil”? In the meantime he is writing away busily so when you are reunited you will be bursting with ideas

  9. The only thing I can suggest is to do something completely different and unusual for you. It’s worked for me in the past and perhaps it will for you too.

  10. It’s probably having coffee with my exerciser’s malaise at Starbucks. Possibly with Satan. Don’t worry. It’ll come home eventually, all hyped up on caffeine and ready to go. My exerciser’s malaise, however, will probably hop on a bus to Austin.

  11. Losing the Plot

    Ditto. I’m back to writing recipes just to keep my hand in

  12. I have the last three chapters of my next novel waiting–I think my mojo ran away with yours! Or maybe it’s because the weather is finally nice and I have so much to do!

  13. I don’t believe in writer’s block, either. As for the malaise… two options. Keep plugging along until the spark is back or take a break and hope the time away reignites your passion. Wishing you all the best, whatever you decide.

  14. Dude.
    If you find your mojo see if mine is anywhere nearby please?

  15. I hear ya Phil. My blog and I are estranged at the moment. And we were getting along so well.

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