The Unemployment Diaries: Video Blog Week 1

Remember last week when I said that if I could, I’d do the Tom Cruise slide into the room like the scene from Risky Business? But since I have carpeting, there’s no way to slide in my house, so here’s the next best thing, and make sure that you have your volume on:

That’s right, I did a cartwheel. A much more sophisticated move than sliding in socks. Yes, it’s fair to say that I have a little time on my hands. And I did mention video blogging, didn’t I? I’m many things, but I’m not a liar.

I hope you enjoyed that. Have a great day! ~Phil

23 responses to “The Unemployment Diaries: Video Blog Week 1

  1. I am beyond jealous at your cartwheel abilities! I have been told that I am no longer allowed to do cartwheels since my Cartwheel Catastrophe a few years ago. Seems you are making good use of your down time, looking forward to more videos…maybe a round off in the next one?

  2. Thanks for the morning laugh!!!

  3. Nice cartwheel! I have visions of tables crashing, vases falling and feet shaped holes in the drywall. That’ll keep you busy. 😱😂

  4. Uh Phil….

    About that cartwheeling video? Please include a disclaimer that reads, “Don’t try this at home.”

    Safety first.

  5. You’re a complete natural at this Vlogging thing, Mr Taylor. It’s always good to hear the voice of a blogger. Had you written this post, it would have come over almost entirely different. I hope you didn’t forget about those shirts, you threw over your shoulder and ended up tripping over them.

  6. Very impressive cartwheel my friend.

  7. Very good, Phil. I totally agree on the pink shirts. Both videos were super.

  8. Holy Hell! You can do a cartwheel!! I think I would hurt myself just thinking about doing one 😆

  9. Haha. Great cartwheel

    I also like your laundry philosophy

  10. I dunno… sounds like you need some KonMari in your life. 😉

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  12. Nice cartwheel!
    My husband needs more pink in his closet. He looks fabulous in it. I’m pretty sure no one in my house owns anything tye-dyed… We get rid of things often, as we live in a bungalow and storage is limited. I do not have problems with my laundry ecosystem, for which I am grateful.

  13. I am super impressed with your cartwheel. I have never been able to achieve such a goal…

    But I have slid across my floor (socks AND boxers on) 😉 ~ taking those old records off the shelf.

    ~ Ms. Mae

  14. Sorry to hear you’re out of work. Hubby’s looking, too. That’s a mighty good cartwheel you did. Hope you didn’t hurt yourself!! Good luck on the job hunt. 😊

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