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Coming September 2017! Time To Lie

Coming September 2017! Humorous suspense at it’s best!

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The Perfect Weekend Beach Read

With summer upon us many of you are going to the beach or just relaxing outside. In case you only access The Phil Factor from your phone, I know you’d hate to miss all the spectacular content in my sidebars. One piece of this incredible sidebar content is my books. Yes, some of you may not even be aware that I’ve written a few books. Nothing serious, just some fun, suspenseful weekend beach read type books that are available as e-books or in paperback.

A group of friends with a penchant for goofy nicknames return to their hometown for a funeral and what had been a pleasant, albeit melancholy, reunion quickly escalates into a fight for their lives with an enemy they didn’t know they had. Putting up with each others quirks with good humor they must unravel a mystery that may have started thirty years ago. They unwittingly stumble and fumble their way into a life or death showdown that could kill them all. The question is not whether they will survive the bad guys, but will they survive each other? One reader likened the characters to “the kids from Stephen King’s classic ‘Stand By Me’ but grown up and on crack.” (No one does drugs in the story. I think she was referring to the humor in the novel)

The e-book is only $2.99 and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and all the other e-book outlets. It’s also available in paperback for $8.23 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Sale! Sale! Sale!

Remember when you were a kid and you had that one magical summer that seemed to last a lifetime? Cooper and his friends don’t know it, but they are in the midst of a summer they will never forget. Their small town is paralyzed with fear as a serial killer preys upon children and The Golden Boys seem to be the only ones who have a chance to stop him. A life-long bond is forged between them as they confront each other, their worst fears and a killer that is more than anyone could possibly imagine. Filled with suspense, heart and humor, The Sneaker Tree has something for everyone.

That’s right, I’m having a sale. On my blog? No, that’s free until I get picked up for syndication. My book! The Sneaker Tree is on sale for only $2.99 for your Kindle, Nook, or iPad/iPhone! It really is a great story that I’m very proud of. (BTW the link in this paragraph will take you to the paperback. For the $2.99 e-book click on the book cover in the right sidebar)


Need a fun read during your time off around the holidays? Try The Sneaker Tree, also available in paperback!

If you’ve read my blog and enjoyed my writing, why not give one of my books a try? If you’ve read The Sneaker Tree and enjoyed it, I’d be thrilled if you share this post far and wide on Facebook, Twitter or by reblogging. Have a great Friday everyone! ~Phil