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What Would Your Groundhog Day Be Like?

Tomorrow is the infamous Groundhog Day in the States. If you woke up like Phil Connors in the movie and found yourself repeating the same day of your life over and over, what day would you pick? I know that we all will immediately think of all the wonderful things like marriage, kids being born and watching our kids grow up and do cool shit.

Those kind of days are a given. We would all love to have every day as wonderful as those. I want your answers to this question to be a little bit more interesting. What’s the one day, aside from family stuff, that you would like to repeat over and over?

I’ll give you mine. It was in April of 2011. Early in the day I had buzzed around Washington D.C. on a Segway with a group of work friends for a tour of the capital.

That evening my company had it’s annual awards banquet at this amazing hotel just outside of D.C. in Maryland. To my surprise, I won a minor award, but it was the first time I had won an award with this company and I got to go on stage and collect my plaque while about 250 people cheered. After the ceremony I just walked around with my plaque and a glass of champagne getting congratulations from everyone. I felt completely blissful. Of course that wasn’t my first glass of champagne, so that may have contributed to the blissful feeling.

These are the fountains inside the hotel!

The night ended with myself and about 50 others in a hotel bar that the company had reserved for us with a DJ. We all just jumped around and danced until about 1:00 a.m.

Aside from wonderful family stuff, that would be my Groundhog Day. In the comments, what would be yours?