Survey Says…!

I want to take a survey by way of readers responding in the “comments.” I’m curious. When you buy new underwear, how many people feel that it is important that you wash them before wearing them, and why or why not? I personally do not believe they need to be washed first. In fact, I can’t wait to put them on. I’d wear them home from the store if they’d let me. Why wash them? Are you afraid that someone at the factory wore them around for a day before putting them in the package?

6 responses to “Survey Says…!

  1. DING survey says… Um, I like to wash them first because they feel all stiff and scratchy when they are brand spankin’ new. And personally, I think there isn’t much worse than a scratchy butt. I usually buy new skivvies at the same time I buy new socks. No rhyme or reason.I think if you are so in a hurry to get the new ones on, maybe you are just waiting too long to buy new ones. Maybe? Lois Lane

  2. Umm, i wear em without washing them, but i wash my daughters before she wears em..LOL odd i know!

  3. LMAO….Lois’ last comment….

  4. I wear them right away – no washing. I don’t think they’re scratchy at all… Lois, stop buying underwear at the burlap factory!P.S. I just stopped by when I saw your comment on Lois’ site and notived we share a birthday! What a great day in history, huh?

  5. This post has converted me to regularly coming back, regardless of the condition or lack of my underwear. (Uh, Mrs. Phil I am not coming on to your hubby; I’m just a weird artist/writer.)I wash them first for three reasons:1) I have very delicate skin prone to mega allergies so it’s a medical necessity to use this special “get out the store smell and stiffness” factor2) (This should be the #1 reason.) I do *not* want any STD’s or any type of infection from those who have tried on the underwear by taking it out of the package (and I see plenty who do that to check the size corresponding to the box/pkg)…it’s like buying bathing suits. I wash them first, too even though they now come with that panty liner thing for women. Who wants to risk it? (Men may be less inclined to catch anything; dunno- I’m not an MD.)

  6. Oh, that post could have been shorter if I had condensed it to the “commando factor.” …;)

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