Cell Phone People Part III

For my feelings about cell phone people scroll back a bit to read Cell Phone People Part 2 and the original Cell Phone People posting (you may have to go to the May archives for that). Needless to say, I’m not a big fan of these public nuisances. Unfortunately I have a problem now. I’ve was given a nice, shiny, new cell phone for a present recently. My previous cell phone was so prehistoric, by cell phone standards, that I never carried it on my person. Actually, I couldn’t carry it on me. It was so big and heavy that I had to lug it around in my car. I kept it in my glove compartment (where I have never kept a single glove), and would only take it out in the event that I needed it to save my own life. The way I would use my cell phone to save my life would be that I could tip it over onto a car jacker, crushing him to death instantly. My cell phone was so old that having a rotary dial on it was an option. I splurged for the touch tone model though. Now, I have a tiny, shiny phone with millions of ring tones and little animated graphics and games. It folds in half and is so small I think I could smuggle it through airport customs in a body cavity. Now I find myself carrying it, opening it to check the time, and occasionally making calls on it. During a normal day I have millions of the inane thoughts that I chronicle here, but only a few make it to my long term memory and then later to this blog. Now I have a device that will allow me to communicate my every thought the moment I have it. As much as I like that idea, I also realize someone would probably have me institutionalized before my minutes ran out. Fortunately for everyone, it’s not a camera phone. Today I actually found myself thinking, “Hmmmm…maybe I need one of those earpieces so I can talk on my phone while driving.” AAAAAAIIIIIIGHH!!!!! I’m turning into one of them! Someone stop me before I start downloading ring tones of my favorite 80’s bands. If I ever figure out how the voicemail operates I’ll post my number here so you can all call and leave me messages. That could be funny.

3 responses to “Cell Phone People Part III

  1. Your sense of humor is fantastic! Love “never had a single glove in the glove compartment.” I thought I was the only one who pondered such oxymorons.I donated my 15 lb. ancient cell phone (actually I think it was only 6.2 lbs.) to the women’s shelter. (They redo them fo women @ risk.)It’s a joke within our family that no sooner than I figure out the software changes the phone co. made to my cell phone, yet MORe are made, so my younger daughter reprograms it. It’s a joke b/c I AM gadget oriented, but camera phones violate my sense of ethics (even if I wasn’t a professional photographer.)(I’m not sure if you have 2 blogs and came to both of my blog, so I’m Green-Eyed Lady at the blog listed here and SilverMoon at SilkenThreads. If you came to SilkenThreads, my heart goes out to the serious ordeal you and your wife underwent. I did not blog there about my entire experiences with cancer……

  2. OMG…tell me you won’t download the “Crazy Frog” ring tones!!My cell drives me crazy and because i’m no techno geek, i don’t use half the things on it. Infact i’ve had it 18 months and never used the camera!! Or the games. Enjoy your new toy!

  3. E-mail your number to us, don’t just blurt it out on the net ya nut!Please don’t turn into one of them!!!Lois Lane

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