The Golden Boys Are Coming! (We’re Young, we’re tough, and we’re good looking)

This series of posts will undoubtedly be funnier to my friends and I than any of you, but some bits of my annual pilgrimage may be worth a chuckle for everyone else. First, let me explain who The Golden Boys are. First, “The Golden Boys” was a skit on Saturday Night Live back in the late 70’s. In the skit, they were two guys with gaudy blonde wigs and some sort of super hero costumes accented by a gold bikini. The motto of The Golden Boys that was uttered by the pair in unison at the conclusion of each skit was, “We’re young. We’re tough, and we’re good looking!” So needless to say, my friends and I adopted the name Golden Boys for ourselves and we began to shout the motto whenever we were together. My “Golden Boys” include myself, Gooby, Tom, and Chuck. We all grew up on the same street in four consecutive houses. I have known all of them over 30 years. Once a year for the past 15 years or so we all try to make it back to Syracuse, N.Y. for a weekend of drunken revelry and pining for the glory days of our youth. This year it will occur in about 2 weeks. I will not divulge the specific days here so as not to alert the authorities to what might be going on. The weekend is typically one of the highlights of my year. Over the next two weeks I’ll introduce you to each of the Golden Boys and regale you with tales of our past indiscretions. When the big weekend finally comes I may even attempt to chronicle our adventures as they happen. By the way, we have a secret handshake that we still use.

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  1. I can’t wait to “meet” them! Also secretly wishing to learn the secret handshake. LOL!Lois Lane

  2. Phew! What a relief, i thought you were going to say you were trekkies!

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