FLAME is our version of Spinal Tap. Or perhaps more appropriately, Milli Vanilli. Flame is The Golden Boys air band. I’m not sure how it started, but one summer day with too much time and too much beer we found ourselves hanging around someone’s house with a bunch of musical instruments that none of us could play. Needless to say, we did what anyone would in that situation. We walked around our neighborhood pretending we were a band. We took publicity photos. We even put on a fake performance in a drive thru car wash at the end of the street. About 10 years later we also had a reunion tour during Golden Boys weekend and again made matching shirts to commemorate the occasion. We again proudly wore our matching shirts out in public and explained to anyone who asked that we were a famous one hit wonder 80’s band that was re-uniting for one more tour. We would feign stunned amazement that they didn’t remember our one hit that made it to #17 on the billboard charts. We really did have a song we made up, or at least we had a few lines we made up that we would pretend were from our “song.”

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  1. OMG, what imaginations you lot had!

  2. I want to see those pictures and read the lyrics! Your stories about growing up with these guys reminds me of the movie Stand By Me, only all the kids are on crack. 😉Have a groovy weekend!Lois Lane

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