Color Blind

You know how they say that people see in color but dogs see in black and white? I’m not sure who “they” are, but if this is true, I have a whole other level to add to this theory. A sort of evolutionary ladder of color sensitivity if you will. It goes like this: Dogs see in black and white. Men see the primary colors: red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white. Women see another whole spectrum of colors that are undetectable to men. These colors include: Mauve, fuscia, magenta, teal, periwinkle, and many others that I’m sure I haven’t heard of. Once when looking for paint for my house I made the mistake of thinking I was looking at white paint. It turns out it was eggshell. In fact, I was stunned to find out that there are two different colors of teal, teal-blue, and teal-green. They were pointed out to me and for the life of me I couldn’t tell the difference. If Martha Stewart is responsible for these I’d like to see her sent back to prison. Her and that stupid poncho look she started. Morning, noon, or night now, summer or winter, you see women wearing ponchos. What the hell is a poncho but a blanket with a hole in it. No sleeves, no hood. What a total rip off. The poncho makers are making a fortune by selling half made coats. And of course the ponchos come in most of those colors that men don’t recognize. You know who I actually think is responsible for this other spectrum of colors? The people who make bridesmaids dresses. Have you ever heard of a bridesmaids dress in a normal color? In fact, female camouflage is probably just an entire outfit of fuscia. If a women was dressed head to toe in that color there is no way a man could spot her even in the same room. Just to illustrate my point, I want you to know that I ran spell-check on this and it didn’t recognize the words fuscia, teal, or ponchos.

5 responses to “Color Blind

  1. Amen brother! Take a good lookin’ woman and throw a friggin’ poncho over her…yeah that’s a fashion craze that jumped the shark before it even got out of the gate.

  2. Thankgod i live in a tropical climate… poncho’s here!

  3. LOL! This chick ain’t wearing no crazy poncho no matter what cool shades of teal it may come in. Lois Lane

  4. Lolllllllllll- hahahahahah- Terrific post I’ll share w/ my hubba hubba. (This is Green-Eyed Lady’s other name for my other blog where you have commented in black and white, but I’m an artist regardless)My poor hubba hubba goes nuts when I use color words. He even drives some men (note I said ‘Some” 😉 crazy, because he’ll call something beige as white. To be fair, his vision is impaired, his father truly is color blind so finecolor discernment is very hard for him, harder than for the normal man.It is a scientific fact that you rods and cones (in your eyes!!!!!!- I’m a lady) are not usually as many as those of a woman; hence the scientific basis for less recognition of fine color differences.However, I’m guessing (just a wild one here :), that you couldn’t give a hoot about those eye parts, and really think the color words are an interesting topic. Now ponchos- OMG- uh, no comment, colored or otherwise.

  5. Spell check probably didn’t recognize “fuschia” because you spelled it wrong. 😉(It looks like you have a secret admirer…why else would someone go through the trouble of making an account called “Phil is a fag”? I must admit, though, their method of peeling an apple is quite innovative.)

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