Celebrity Sex Tapes

When I become famous (well, more famous) I am never going to be filmed having sex. That is unless it’s tastefully done and is integral to the plot of the movie. The list of celebrities who just can’t seem to get enough of being on camera just gets longer and longer every day. Pamela and Tommy Lee, Tonya Harding, Paris Hilton, and now Colin Farrell. Colin Farrell is now suing a former “love interest” to prevent her from selling copies of a videotape of them have sex a few years ago. Now I’m as proud of my expertise in the bedroom as anyone, and if anyone is going to make money off of my skills it’s going to be me. My best guess is that if Colin wants so badly to prevent the release of this tape then he must not be very good in it. If you paint a masterpiece, why hide it? The best conclusion I can draw from this is that if you are famous and you don’t want everyone with an internet connection to see you having sex, then don’t film it! Duh! Apparently being famous does not make you smart.

3 responses to “Celebrity Sex Tapes

  1. Cool blog and cool message

  2. Great now I have to destroy my tape and my paper purple heart. You really are a buzzkill. 😉Lois Lane

  3. Well, you won’t see me on tape.You have to have it to be filmed in the first place!

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