Hurricane Names

Well it’s hurricane season in the Northern hemisphere. Fortunately I don’t live in an area that ever gets any hurricanes. In the U.S., our weather people have a tradition of naming hurricanes with people names, such as Hurricane Phil, or Hurricane Betsy. Then the news people are astounded that people refuse to leave their homes when a hurricane is coming. Who is going to be afraid of Hurricane Betsy, or Tropical Storm Cecilia? If you want a storm to sound as scary as it is, why not give it an intimidating name? How about something like Mega Hurricane Deathtron? That might get people out of their homes. Or maybe something simple like The Hurricane of Death? If the Hurricane of Death was headed for my house you can bet I’d get the hell out of the way. Then again, if they named hurricanes like that you wouldn’t have people selling post hurricane t-shirts that said things like “I Was Blown By Betsy 2005.”

3 responses to “Hurricane Names

  1. I noticed you didn’t use Hurricane Phil as a t-shirt reference.(“I Was Blown By Phil 2005.”) Lois Lane

  2. Exactly, that’s why included the Betsy name. Maybe you should keep your fantasies to yourself.

  3. I’ve been blown by Cyclone Justin, Joy, and a few others, i just wish i could remember their names!

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