Oh No Ozone!

On my way to work this morning I saw something I’ve never seen before. At least not in my city. You know those electronic signs above the roadways that give you messages about accidents or construction ahead? Today the sign I passed under said, “High Ozone. Please refrain from idling.” Idling? Idle what? Idle chatter? American Idol? False Idols? Billy Idol? Ozone is never anything I’ve worried about before. I live near a medium sized city in upstate New York. I can see having ozone problems in New York City or L.A. perhaps. If it was up to me I’d have a whole lot less ozone frankly. Isn’t the ozone essentially our atmosphere? The layer of invisible stuff that blocks out at least some of the sun’s harmful UV rays? Aren’t the scientists constantly worrying about the hole in the ozone getting bigger? Why? If the hole is bigger, as I understand it, we’ll have more global warming. Living in an area that gets a lot of snow, I’m all for global warming. Screw you equator people. You’ve had it too good for too long, and now that the rest of us are getting the chance to enjoy some warm weather you’re crying about too much heat. In fact, I do everything I can to take down the ozone layer personally. When I had a car with a sun roof and freon air conditioning, I would drive around with the sun roof open and the air conditioning on just hoping the freon would cut a swath right through the ozone above my car. When they outlawed aerosol hairspray, I stocked up just so I could take out a little bit of the ozone every day for the rest of my life. That and because I had to keep my mullet in perfect shape.

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  1. We worry about bad ozone around here, thanks to the filthy air that congressman Joe Barton has foisted upon us to help his good polluting buddies, while he breathes comfortably in D.C. I don’t know about NY, but in Texas respiratory diseases and skin cancer in kids are way, way up.

  2. Looky here Phil, i’m one of those “equator peeps” ( well a little above the equator) your screwing with.I’ll gladly pass over some heat, say in December when we have 100% humidity and ave temp morning noon and night of 100dgs 🙂All said tongue in cheek!

  3. Sorry Michelle. No sympathy here until you hit 10 below on the farenheit scale. Incidentally, today my temp will be about 94 with 100% humidity.

  4. What’s 94 in real numbers?

  5. Heh! Justine that would be 33C in REAL numbers!

  6. Thank you Michelle

  7. Mullet? I like Mullets.

  8. Post. The. Mullet!Hahha! I’m all for global warming too, as long as my dearest friend and soon to be room mate, Michelle is not affected by it, of course. 🙂Have a great weekend!Lois Lane

  9. by the way – you probablyknow this, but ozone is poisonous. Its good in the upper atmosphere as a shield, but lower its not so good: both noxious and a greenhouse gas!

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