Isn’t It Ironic?

It’s like rain on your wedding day. Or something else I can’t figure out. What I can’t figure out is why Dave Coulier is so popular. Before you do anything else, stop reading this, go to “Archives” on the left side, click on “April 2005” and scroll down to the April 6th post titled, “Dave Coulier?!!?” After you’re done reading that, come back to this post. That was the third post I ever wrote for this blog. It’s still one of my favorites. For about the past month I’ve had a service called Stat Counter connected to this blog. It tells me how many visitors I have, where they’re from, and how long they spend reading the page. What it also tells me is how they reached my page. Most people reach it through clicking on “profile” or on “webpage” when they see a comment I left on another blog. For the past month that I’ve had Stat Counter, what has constantly amazed me is the number of people who find my page by doing a web search for things on Dave Coulier! I’m sure that without the picture above, most of you would have had to send a little electrical messenger across one synapse to another to take the elevator to the sub-basement of your long term memory to dredge up why the name Dave Coulier sounds so familiar. Of course by mentioning him again, I’m sure I’ve started another round of page hits from Dave Coulier freaks. (I’m laughing my ass off at the thought of one of them reading this) Can anyone explain to me why, in the name of all that is holy, is anyone doing web searches on Dave Coulier? It’s like a free ride when you’ve already paid.

7 responses to “Isn’t It Ironic?

  1. HA! Too funny! Unlike Dave…eeck.Love Alanis though, now i have the song in my head 🙂

  2. Stat Counter sounds like a cool thing to have. I just started blogging – at least steadily – for about only a week so I’m going to stick to keeping the blog current. I’ll definitely look into poking around the HTML codes and spice up the site. FYI, I got to your blog from the Next Blog button from my blog.

  3. Oh sure qaptain, I think you must be one of those Dave Coulier nuts who found my page through a web search.

  4. I don’t find it so hard to believe that people would want to read about me. I’m a major f’ing star in Canada. That’s why Alanis was so upset when I dumped her. I’m like royalty north of the border.

  5. That last comment from “dave” made me laugh so hard I think I peed myself just a little!

  6. Oh let me tell you, i’m IN canada, and believe me, we think Dave Coulier is just as much of a loser as you guys in the states do. Although, his relationship with Alanis Morrisette is common knowledge here….Sad, but true.GREAT blog

  7. who the f is that dave guy??/

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