Nuts on the ‘Net

I love the StatCounter service that I connected to this blog. As I reported two weeks age, with this service I can see how people got to my web page. Aside from hitting “next blog,” or getting to my page from the comments I leave on other people’s blogs the next most popular way people find my blog is by web searches for a certain topic. There are two web search topics that continue to show up on the list, and both are just obscene. The first is obviously the Dave Coulier freaks. The second is only slightly less disturbing. At least twice every week I see that someone found my page through a Dave Coulier web search and at least as often someone has found my page by doing a web search using the words “moms” and “bikinis.” They get my web page because of a post about 5 weeks ago that I titled “Gooby’s Mom in a Bikini.” I’m sure these pervs are sadly disappointed to find that I didn’t include a picture of Gooby’s 60 year old mother in her bikini. Hey pervs! If you’re reading this, stay away from my blog. Go subscribe to a porn site or visit a porn shop in Canada. Or at least leave a comment you rude bastards. I’ve got a much longer idea to write about that I’ll get to tonight folks. See you then.

8 responses to “Nuts on the ‘Net

  1. Hey…I wanna a StatCounter…LMAO at the pervs.

  2. HEY….You leave me alone…lol

  3. yes yes yes… I am in love with my site meter… when I get a new comment (after grinning like an idiot) I go check the site meter and see how people found me 🙂Dorkus Maximus, I know 🙂-N

  4. I use for the same purpose. Cool stuff!

  5. I blog hopped to get here from Justitia’s blog I think. So does that officially make me not a perv? heheh

  6. I need to get one of those things. I’m with you though…I hate when people pop over but never leave comments. I was a perv to begin with..does it still count?

  7. Notice the majority of Phils comments are from women!

  8. Dewdrop, Sadly, I guess you don’t qualify as a perv, but it’s not too late to learn.Linny, if you were a perv (why stop now) how did you find my blog?Michelle, why would I complain if all of you beautiful and intelligent women want to comment on my blog?

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