Diggin’ the Amish

Is it just me, or is everyone fascinated by the Amish? I’m pretty sure I can make fun of the Amish here without fearing retribution. I doubt there are very many Amish bloggers. Why do we all find the Amish so interesting? Is it their stylish black outfits? They say black is very slimming. Have you ever seen a fat Amish person? Why the hell are they so quiet? Maybe they’re all actually telepathic and they’re mocking us and our flashy colors without us even knowing it. If they don’t talk much, how do Amish men and women meet? Do Amish guys use pick up lines? Jebediah-“You look great in that plain sack dress and bonnet. You can raise my barn anytime!” Do the Amish get jiggy with it in the back seat of the horse and buggy when they go on dates? If they don’t use electricity, how do Amish women operate their vibrators? If there are any Amish out there who can answer these questions, feel free to chime in here.

7 responses to “Diggin’ the Amish

  1. They fascinate me too. i just don’t understand how they can live in this day and time w/o all the luxuries…but I guess if you don’t know any different…

  2. ME TOO…I think it’s the lack of electricity, and complete disregard for modern living….

  3. Who really needs a vibrator when you have a horse? You have much to learn of our culture.Sincerely, Hannah Horse-Lover

  4. Not being American, i guess i really have never thought about it!

  5. Just Tuesday I seen some Amish people at Wal Mart. This is the part that bugs me. They shun our society, yet when it is convenient to them, the come on in and stock up on fabric or whatever the heck they needed at Wal Mart. (Yes, I live near an Amish community.) And, no, they didn’t arrive in a horse and buggy either.

  6. No Newz (Lois) Your response does not surprise me in the least.

  7. LMAO!! Honestly…why are they so intriquing? One thing I had trouble filing into the Amish-obsessed portion of my brain, was when a friend told me that they have special parking spots at her local Wal-Mart (in Amish Country PA) for the BUGGIES! Now, tell me how they are allowed to shop a Wal-Mart?

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