Another Quick Phil Fact

Using the 6 degrees of separation theory, I can be connected to Jerry Seinfeld with only one person between us. I’m also fairly certain that if you go to Jerry’s blog he’s probably bragging about his connection to me. Maybe next week I’ll invite Jerry and Fidel over for dinner.

6 responses to “Another Quick Phil Fact

  1. All these teasers…

  2. I can smell the cigars!

  3. That would make for a very interesting night. Don’t forget to take pictures.

  4. ….PHIL…you’re a shephard for the devil you know. You cant DO that…it’s not fair

  5. I can put one between Jerry and I too.

  6. Princess- I have still more of these connections.Heather- Welcome back. It’s been awhile. I wonder if our Jerry connection is the same one.

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