The Phil Degrees of Separation

Well here it is. The explanations for all those mysterious connections to famous people.

1. Fidel Castro- My mother once spoke to Fidel Castro’s brother on the phone. Back in the 60’s when Castro and his rebels staged their coup of the government, the company my mother worked for had people working in Cuba. My mother was the company president’s secretary. My mother took the call when Fidel’s brother Raul called to tell the company that they had some of their employees hostage.

2. Jerry Seinfeld- Does everyone remember the plot of the final Seinfeld episode? Jerry and the gang had gone on vacation somewhere I think, and witnessed an enormously heavy man being carjacked. Rather than help the man being carjacked they laughed at him and were arrested for not helping. I once had a full-fledged conversation with that enormously heavy man. He is comedian/actor John Pinette.

3. Donovan McNabb- Again, my mother was the connection. Later in her life she worked as a school secretary in the Syracuse, N.Y. area where I grew up. Donovan McNabb came to her school twice to talk to students about learning disabilities. Both times he hung out in my Mom’s office while waiting. She said he was very friendly and polite.

4. Richard Gere- My high school biology lab partner married Richard Gere’s sister. I saw Richard at the mall once.

As I said, there are many less famous celebrities I connect to as well. There’s two ESPN sportscasters I’ve spoken with. One of whom I knew in high school. Playing softball at a picnic, I once hit a triple off of Fox Sports announcer and bestselling fiction author Tim Green, who played for the Atlanta Falcons with professional wrestler Goldberg. Tim Green hit two home runs off me that same day. My best friend Gooby’s second cousin is interior designer Thom from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I once had a guy who later played for the N.Y. Yankees hang out in my office for an afternoon. I know someone who used to be friends with has-been comedian Bobcat Goldthwait’s sister. I’m sure you can all play this game. I think my Mom wins though. I mean really, who in the entire world has ever spoken with both Donovan McNabb and Fidel Castro’s brother?

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  1. You’re funny. No our connection to Seinfeld is not the same. You’d probably die if it told you mine. LOLI’ll give you a hint: When I was 8 I answered the phone and Carol Burnette was on the other end.LOL

  2. I just thought of one even better… I can’t beleive that I forgot:Dianne Cannon spoke at my wedding reception. Now who could say that?LOL

  3. i’m a loser… spelled her name wrong: dyan LOL

  4. Your Mother’s resume is super impressive.

  5. I saw Richard Gere at the mall also. He was shopping with wife Cindy Crawford at the time. Were you with me Phil, or was that Thomas?

  6. What a waste, Thom from QE being gay, to think he could of had me!

  7. I wish my mom had those kind of connections…I love Seinfeld!

  8. Oh…oh my gosh..I just realized that I have one degree of seperation from Julia Roberts!!!! Holy crap! Why did I not think of this before?! I’m getting senile.

  9. Oh and 2 degrees of seperation from Patrick Swayze…Ahhhh and 1 degree of seperation from Holly Hunter….And 1 degree of seperation from “The Undertaker” (you know the wrestler)…at least I’m pretty sure that was his stage name.Wow…I am way more connected than I initally thought. You think on that one for a little while my darling Phil.

  10. Your Castro connection is pretty impressive.I have a few near-celebrity experiences myself. My grandfather had lunch with <>Cary Grant<> but didn’t get his autograph. My mom went to high school with <>Robin Williams<> and he later camped in a park by my house to research a movie role. My friend’s mother saw <>Whitney Houston<> at a Rooms to Go. I met <>Taran Noah Smith<> (the youngest son from <>Home Improvement<>) but he ended up hiding in a bathroom when one of my friends freaked him out. Just a few months ago I saw <>[Lil] Bow Wow<> at the airport waiting for his bags. That’s all I can think of right now but I bet I have a few more.

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