Am I Famous Enough Yet?

Am I famous enough to change my name, or has that ship already sailed? I’ve noticed that a lot of famous people tend to change their names, either before, during, or after becoming famous. From Marilyn Monroe, to Sting, to Madonna, to Cher, to Diddy, name changing seems to be very popular with the famous crowd. Are they famous because they changed their names, or did they change their names because they were famous? What got me thinking about this is Sean, Puffy, Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Diddy, Coombs. Most famous people change their name once and stick with it. Sting, Madonna, and Cher all picked cool names and kept them. Sean Coombs has to be the all time worst at choosing names to improve his fame. His first, Puff Daddy, sounds like a drug dealer. Then he went with Puffy Coombs. I had a friend in college who kept a stuffed bear from his childhood that was named Puffy. We once stuffed it into a plastic tennis ball canister, filled it with water, froze it and then used the frozen bear to bowl down our dormitory hallway. I would do the same with a man named Puffy if given the opportunity. After that Mr. Coombs went with P. Diddy. What is the P. for and what exactly does diddy mean? P.Diddy sounds like a problem you’d go see a urologist about. Now he’s just Diddy. What does Diddy mean? It means diddly if you ask me. So I’m left to wonder, am I famous enough to change my name yet, and what should I choose? I think I’m famous enough. The overwhelming volume of comments left on my blog will attest to my undeniable popularity. So what name should I choose?

14 responses to “Am I Famous Enough Yet?

  1. LOL, reminds me of the “Puffy Shirt” on Seinfeld!

  2. Philly Phil Mac Phat, would be an obvious suggestion.

  3. When he changed it to Puffy Coombs, it reminded me of Honey Combs. You are famous enough to change your name. To what? I do not know. Lois Lane

  4. Your definitely famous enough.

  5. Dr. Phil Guffaw- and I want full credit for that.

  6. Madonnas real name is Madonna….

  7. lol @ Philly Phil Mac Phat!! Some friends unfortunatley call me Hootie McBoob…put you and I together and we sound like a McDonald’s value meal…

  8. Madonna’s name is Madonna.And yes, I think your famous enough to change your name – just don’t go messing around with your blog. I depend on it.

  9. How about if I just changed my name to Phil Factor?

  10. Phil Factor wins my vote.

  11. Yeah, but you gotta be cool and stuff and change the spelling. So make it Fil Phactor. Or Phil Phactor or Fil to the Factor, yeah, that’s the shizzle my nizzle.Lois Lane

  12. To everyone who said that Madonna’s name really is Madonna: I’m pretty sure that at one time she had a last name as well. Maybe I should just be Phil! (Yes, I would legally add the exclamation point so that people would have to add that inflection to their voice when they said my name.

  13. Or Ph!l.“Hey, did you know that his name really is Phil? But he changed it to Ph!l.”

  14. Madonna’s full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone …i’m sure she still goes by that hahah

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