Q: How Do You Capture a Unique Rabbit?

A: You ‘neak up on them!

I was in the supermarket the other day and I was going down the aisle where they sell condoms. Not that I would be needing a condom for any reason, but you probably already guessed that didn’t you? Anyway, while I was not shopping for condoms I happened to notice that on one of the condom packages it said, “New Unique Shape!” New unique shape? Who the hell are these for?!!? Did I miss some crucial step in evolution somewhere? As far as I knew, the equipment I have is the latest model. State of the art. It may even be broadband digital.

Oct. 25, 2023: Just yesterday this post from 2005 received 10 views. Who in the world is even finding this throw away post from 18 years ago? Please respond in the comments! Why?

8 responses to “Q: How Do You Capture a Unique Rabbit?

  1. Ladies, please do not use this as an opportunity to describe all the unusual penises you’ve seen. That wouldn’t be good for any of us.

  2. I recently saw a condom package that boosted camouflaged condoms. “You’ll never see him cumming”I thought that was rather classy.

  3. ….Phil. I CANT believe you just said that joke, I was reading for a midterm the other day and it had the word Unique in the sentence, and I immediately thought of that joke. I havent thought of it for YEARS, and now, here it is again…..CREEPY! LOL

  4. Ah, you’re snipped… that explains it… LOL!

  5. Nothing like getting to know Phil on an intimate basis!

  6. I’m so glad I have you to read…you constantly make me laugh.I’ve never seen a penis so I can’t make any comments.

  7. Well your little after thought in the comments here, ruined my comment about that newfangled penis I saw recently. But never mind. Wouldn’t want to gross you out. LOL!Lois Lane

  8. That was absolutely hysterical!Berly…that’s so funny…I haven’t seen that one.What new shape? I haven’t gotten lucky in so long…I’m not even sure I remember what they look like. :0(

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