The F Word

Yes, I really am talking about THE F word. The big one. The mother of all swear words. The big kahuna of cursing. The pinnacle of profanity. The excellent expletive. Enough alliteration already? The F word is so handy that it can be considered the Swiss Army knife of cussing. The F word is used in so many contexts that it must be impossible for a visitor to our country to figure out exactly what it means when you get right down to it. We say F you! What the F are you looking at? Why the F would you do that? Are you F’ing crazy? Can you F’ing believe that? You F-er! Almost every usage of the F word implies anger, aggression or incredulity. All the ways we use the F word however, are completely ironic when you consider it’s literal meaning. That is really F’ed up isn’t it? The literal meaning of the F word is a less than tactful way to name a wonderful recreational activity. Why do we take the word that defines something as wonderful as a beautiful physical bonding, the act that creates life, or just a really fantastic thing to do and make it a word that embodies hatred, anger or how much of a problem something has become? Why not use another word that is more appropriate to the meaning? Why not replace the F word in our cursing with a word that really symbolizes something that everyone hates or gets angry about? I don’t know what word it should be. Any suggestions? If you don’t like my idea, then F you. And I mean that in the best possible way. Have a nice weekend : )

8 responses to “The F Word

  1. Hmmm, “osama bin laden” you! Ummm “Saddam” you!……”Peter Costello” (the australian treasurer) you!Naaaaah, it’s just not the same!

  2. Cute picture Michelle. Did you color your hair? It looks f’ing great!

  3. I don’t fucking get this fucking post. What the fuck are you talking about this fucking time Phil? I feel so out of the fucking loop. F word? Like frog, fancy, fart, from, for, form, fast, faster, frenzy, fan. Fuck it. I give up.Have a nice fucking weekend Phil.Lois Fucking Lane

  4. I usually use the F word to describe something good as in that’s un-f’ing believalbe?” I love the word and it’s many useages but I try not to say it in front of the majority of people I hang out with. I save it for special occasions and the right friends that f’ing understand.

  5. Seriously Phil..why did you have to write that fucking post. I’m offended. I fucking prefer to use the fucking word, shit.

  6. FUCK! I don’t know what else to say. But I felt like I had to fucking say something. 🙂

  7. Aaah! What could be sweeter than members of the fairer sex cursing like sailors?

  8. Fucking great post! LOL

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