A Shameless Plug

I realize that most of my readers are women. If you are into fantasy football, or have a boyfriend, husband, significant other, or sugar daddy who is, please use my other website for all your fantasy football info. http://www.footballtangent.com

The previous was an unpaid commercial advertisement. I will resume my regularly scheduled idiocy tomorrow.

6 responses to “A Shameless Plug

  1. Ugh, you too? My husband is obsessed with fantasy football. I think it’s one of the queerest thing you men have yet come up with, next to “professional” wrestling. Honestly. You’re all losers, every last one of you! That said, I’ll let John know about your site, I’m sure he’d get a kick out of it or whatever it is ya’ll are trying to fill a void with from this lame pasttime.

  2. Yeah so where is the idiocity? (taps foot)Have a great weekend!Lois Lane

  3. Debbie- Would fantasy football be stupid if your husband won money at it and took you out to dinner? Lois, Idiocy resumed. Enjoy.

  4. I’ll send my sugar daddy right on over!

  5. Oh, and of course most of your readers are women….you know why too. You are very charming, witty, and hot. No one else said I decided to elect myself. I swear I am not flirting, I have a sugar daddy.

  6. Thank you Well Woman. I appreciate your honesty. That must have been hard for you to say. Shame on the the rest of you for hiding your true feelings!

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