Sexiest Man Alive?

This week People magazine announced their Sexiest Man Alive for 2005. It was not me. Again. I think it was Jude Law, but I’m not sure. It was some random movie star looking guy with about a two day stubble growing on his face. When I saw the title and it didn’t have my picture beneath it I just walked by without giving it a second look. How can People magazine claim that this guy is the Sexiest Man Alive? Claiming that this guy is the Sexiest Man Alive implies that they consider every living man on the planet before making this decision. Maybe my questionnaire got lost in the mail or something, but I distinctly do not recall being contacted by People magazine over the past 12 months. Stuff like this is so unfair.

When they elected the new Pope last spring I didn’t even get a whiff of consideration for the job. Just because I’m not some ass-kissing Cardinal in the Cathlic church I wasn’t even given a second interview. Despite my two write-in votes. I dropped them off at my local church. They promised they’d Fed Ex them to the Vatican for me. Maybe they didn’t hear me say that they absolutely, positively had to be there overnight. When the new U.S. Supreme Court Justice was nominated and approved by Congress, again I was ignored. Despite my two write in votes. My local congressman’s office assured me that my self-nomination would be forwarded to the President immediately. When nominating a Supreme Court Justice don’t they always talk about decisions he’s written about in the past. About the positions the nominee has taken on certain key issues? Don’t these people read my blog? Have I not made muy positions on just about everything clear over the past 8 months?

Not getting elected as Sexiest Man Alive really burns me though! I may actually sue People Magazine over this snub. I may not appear in movies or on television, but I’ve got a blog! I’ve even added a picture of myself to the profile to aid my candidacy. I’m starting my New Years resolution now and I am formally announcing my candidacy for 2006. People Magazine, are you listening?

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  1. :0) Actually, the sexiest man alive was Matthew McConaughy. I know this because I poured over the magazine the minute I pulled it from my mail box. Come on…he IS super hot. Those dimples, those abs, that laid back charm. Never fear…while Matthew may have beat you this time around, you’re still in my top 10.

  2. Have to agree with Linny, the man can put his shoes under my bed any ol time he likes!Never fear Phil, all you need to worry about is that Mrs phil finds you sexy 😉

  3. Phil, if your not on the cover in 2006 I shall boycott People. If you need a PR manager let me know, I do side jobs.

  4. I just find it funny how when it comes to men, it’s about the sexiest…which means they can be older and they can be less physically attractive. But when it comes to women…it’s all about physical beauty. Such a double standard. Some of the sexiest women are those who are a little older, a little more intelligent, a little bit more mysterious. But then again, Barbara Walters deemed Paris Hilton one of the most fascinating people of 2005. Really? SHUT UP Barbara…that’s hot! ICK-N

  5. Perhaps you should set up a sexiest blogger award. That way you know you will notified. And win of course.

  6. Matthew McConaughy. And the only person sexier than him, is Jason Statham. Did he even make the list? They Clearly didnt consider MY taste in this poll either, as I was not contacted my people magazine for my opinion.

  7. Natalia- Who ever said a woman’s appeal is only in her physical beauty? I don’t care how good a woman looks unless she’s intelligent and interesting to talk to. I also don’t know how Paris Hilton could be a “fascinating person.” She’s about as dimwitted as they come.

  8. I surely didn’t…but it’s the trend…Women’s worth, our currency, is meassured in inches of waist and cup sizes of bras. I am not saying I agree…or like it. I don’t. I don’t much care what people think when they look at me as long as they appreciate my brain. And that’s how I think of men as well…I can appreciate beauty but it’s second to a kick ass brain lol-N

  9. *bloghopped from somewhere*yeah. magazine’s are not accurate about who’s really the sexiest manwoman alive. i mean, there’s no such thing as SEXY. right? we all have our different opinions about what sexiness is all about. i mean, you can have baby fats and still be sexy. those media thingy is not just accurate. and i don’t think i will ever believe what they say esp. with the ‘most’ chuva thing part. ack.anyway, have a nice day! **hugs**

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