Why Not The Hamburglar?

Just yesterday in New Hampshire a Wendy’s restaurant (I use the term “restaurant” loosely in relation to Wendy’s) was robbed by two employees who were later apprehended. The name of one of the employees? Ronald McDonald.

11 responses to “Why Not The Hamburglar?

  1. self portrait?

  2. Hehehehehehe.

  3. Get out of here! Too funny.

  4. Wow that is strange. Who the hell names their kid Ronald McDonald anyways though?

  5. The strangest things happen around you.

  6. Of course Ronald McDonald robbed a restaurant. Because what is Ronald McDonald? He’s a clown right? As we discussed a few weeks ago clowns are inherently evil aren’t they?

  7. BTW, thanks Linny.

  8. I’d HATE it if that was my name. *I mean if I was a guy.*I’d also hate it if my name was the same as anyone else that is questionably odd. Lorena Bobbit, Eileen Dover (think about that one), or Mary Bobary.

  9. Yeah but did you notice they never named the other guy?! Editors love when funny crap comes down the piplines.

  10. Have you ever noticed that sometimes they picture the hamburgler with red hair, and sometimes it is brown? Odd and totally ridiculous observation I have made over the years.

  11. Sherri! LOL! What’s even odder than the Hamburglar’s changing hair is the fact that you noticed it!

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