I Was Just Wondering….

If Switzerland is a neutral country with no army, then why are there Swiss Army Knives? If the U.S. Army gave out cool gadgets like that I’d be tempted to join. I think that the fact that their primary weapon has a corkscrew implies that you get to drink at least some of the time. Maybe there really is a Swiss Army, but they’re all at a party somewhere opening bottles of wine.

4 responses to “I Was Just Wondering….

  1. Oh Phil…I can always count on you to make me shake my head and laugh at the same time.Here’s to corkscrews!

  2. heheheAlways have something don’t you?

  3. Erm…didn’t I already say…Dorkus Maximus and all?-N

  4. Linny- Thank you.Natalia- Yes, you did already say that. At least I come up with new jokes now and then. Berly- Stupid stuff like that and the 50 Cent jokes are what I come up with when I have nothing.

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