Phil’s 12 Days of Christmas

These are not gifts I’ve ever been given, but gifts I would like this year. Of course I could and do wish for things like peace on Earth and food for starving children, but those things aren’t going to make this list. I’m starting more than 12 days early because I doubt I could commit to posting 12 days in a row, especially since I’m moving in about a week and may lose internet for a couple days.

On the first day of Christmas I would like…..

An end to daylight savings time. It was originally dreamed up to give farmers more time to take in their crops or something like that. That was over 100 years ago. Farmers now have electric lights and harvesting machines that can do their work in a 10th of the time it used to take. The bi-annual ritual of moving our clocks back or forward by an hour has just become annoying and serves no purpose. I’m sure that we can all remember to change our fire detector batteries every six months without having to arbitrarily screw around with the time frame of an entire country. If you’re not smart enough to change your fire detector batteries and you get killed in a fire then that’s natural selection at work. This is one of the things I will change when I am elected President or Sexiest Man Alive.

4 responses to “Phil’s 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Amen to that!I always wondered where that started from. Thanks.

  2. I don’t think the President has that power. But the sexiest man alive, definitely.

  3. I loathe daylight savings time. It totally messes with my internal clock. Where I live, they now use the ‘school children’ as a viable excuse. The school children benefit from the added daylight for play.

  4. I love that it gets dark so early. I wish it was dark all the time.-N

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