On The Third Day of Christmas…

I’d like an end to all reality shows. Each and every one of them. There is an entire generation of television writers who haven’t had to come up with a new idea in 10 years. Even the “new” ideas for reality shows aren’t original. Most of the original reality show ideas were actually stolen from foreign television. “Reality” television isn’t even remotely like any reality I have ever seen. Not once in my reality have I been stranded on a desert island or locked in a house with a bunch of strangers and forced to manipulate others or eat live bugs in order to win a pizza. I can only imagine how the writers brainstorming sessions go:
Writer no. 1: “Hmmmm…what could be more entertaining than putting a bunch of strangers in a contrived situation and watching them reveal their worst instincts as they fight for money?”
Writer no. 2: “Wow, that’s a great idea. Let’s pitch it to the network!”
Writer no. 1:” Yeah, but where will put the people, what will they have to eat, and who will fire them?”
Writer no. 2:“It doesn’t matter. The network will put anything on the air as long as we have it hosted by a Carson Daly-type guy with rogue-ishly messy hair.”
Writer no. 1:“Is rogue-ishly a word?”

If someone out there knows how to contact the head of a television network please fax this column to them as my application for the position of Director of Programming.

6 responses to “On The Third Day of Christmas…

  1. Phil, I hate reality TV, too. I get more and more frustrated every season when I see that they are releasing yet another reality show. It makes me want to throw up. Worse is the people who actually sign up for those shows. There must be a lot of idiots in the world.

  2. I know one of the producers of MTV Canada, and they’re always looking for good ideas. They contacted me and asked me what i’d like to see on tv. And after I pitched all my ideas, they only were interested in 2…although I had a lot of good ideas. And the 2 that I pitched were reality based……You’re so right. However, did you ever see that atrocity Eden, or whatever it was called…..what a horrendous show, with all those changing rules, and confusion, no wonder it was cancelled after 3 shows. LOL

  3. Amen brutha! Lois Lane

  4. Aww Phil…what would life be without a little mindless T.V. watching now and then?

  5. Don’t hate me.I am a reality t.v. junkie. I can’t help myself.

  6. Carson Daily has been MIA… whatever happened to him. I heard from someone that he was suffering from Manorexia. I’s hate to see that happen. He seemed like a cool guy.-N

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