On The 6th Day Of Christmas…

I’m going to recap my quest for those of you who have joined us late. To count down the 12 Days of Christmas I am posting a different Christmas wish that I have for each day. Although I may sound like Scrooge, if you read through them all, my wishes benefit not only me, but all of man and womankind. Yes, I could wish for world peace and no more hunger, but I think that one’s already pretty well covered. So, without further adieu….on the 6th day of Christmas I would like everyone who does their job incredibly well, but is underappreciated or underutilized, to be recognized for it. All the time we all see people becoming rich and famous for doing things well. Everyone reading this blog is probably exceptional at their chosen profession, but because it isn’t entertaining or considered important you get overlooked. I like to imagine that if doing therapy with emotionally disturbed kids was a sport I’d be in the therapy Super Bowl every year. What does everyone out there do? (There! See? I did it. I’m not a Scrooge. I can be nice if I want to)

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  1. Hey I work with homeless families…I should be in the Super Bowl of Social Work. As it is I am begging for my grant to continue so that I can work for peanuts and do good will in our society. Sure wish I had some athletic ability to make millions for sitting on the beanch. I could do that well! Cheers to us that do good things and are under appreciated.

  2. Phil – that WAS really nice! It actually made me feel appreciated!

  3. I’m a preschool teacher. And at our Christmas party for the kids, one of the parents stood up and made a little speech about how much the moms and dads appreciate what we do.It really made me feel good. It was simple, and yet so appreciated. 🙂

  4. Oh Phil, your such a sweetie!

  5. Well Phil, I am a housewife, a Mother of two, and a domestic goddess. I get paid neither money or appreciation for any of these jobs. I only find gratification in the fact that I don’t mind doing what I do and knowing that if I didn’t do it then either…a. It would never get done.b. It would only be done less than half as well as I do it.Yes, I do my job incredibly well and have learned how to compliment myself since nobody else does!

  6. I work for an electronics manufacturing facility. I make it possible for everyone out there to pump gas, use an ATM machine, have casts removed from your limbs, heck, we populate circuit boards for medical instruments that analyze your blood and get your heart started again in defribulators.

  7. This is my fav Phil, nice one :o)

  8. I may lie about my real profession as a cruise ship director (picture Kathy Lee singing “If they could see you now…”) and career as a rocket scientist on my profile, and thinking about it now, I might just change it again to shake things up a bit. Truth be told, I’m a “full-time” mom, an aspiring writer, horrible housekeeper but a fantastic wife- can’t have it all.You see “mom” just doesn’t sound that exciting to many people as a career. But I’m sure you know- you have kids, right?- that being a parent means you shan’t have a dull moment ever again, or peace and quiet, or enough sleep….Yeah, this is way too long a comment. I think I’ve overstayed my welcome.By the way, I think what you’re doing is amazing. Working with children, especially those in need of therapy, is such a difficult, heartbreaking and rewarding job all at the same time. You are so not getting coal in your stocking.

  9. I am currently a full-time elementary school teacher. I’m also working towards my master’s degree right now. I work my tail off and I can personally say that I am definitely underpaid. (On the other hand, I know some teachers who do a crappy job, receive the same salary as I, and are probably OVERpaid.) Some days it’s frustrating and I walk out of school saying to myself, “Why did I become a teacher?” But then one of the kids gives me a hug or tells me what a great teacher I am or how I’m there favorite teacher ever, and it’s all worthwhile.

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