On the 10th Day of Christmas…

I wish that someone would return Toga, the 3 month old penguin they stole from the zoo in Isle of Wight, England. Toga is a 3 month old Jackass penguin who zookeepers believe was stolen to be a unique gift for someone. To me it sounds like the penguin isn’t the only jackass in this scenario. Yes, “Jackass” is really the type of penguin he is. The poor little tuxedo-wearing tot was still being fed by his parents in that charming, regurgitating manner that birds have of feeding their young. Somehow I doubt the jackass thief is pre-chewing Toga’s food for him. Is this not the saddest holiday story you’ve ever heard? I mean really, there aren’t many things cuter than a baby penguin.

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  1. this is too sad to think about

  2. This was one of the stories I could hardly believe. Zoo animals are not meant to be kept by those of us non-zookeepers who know nothing about taking care of zoo animals! Especially baby animals!I read one article that said the thief may have wanted to give the penguin as a Christmas gift, in keeping with movie tickets to see “March of the Penguins”.I also read that the little fellow cannot survive more than five days away from his parents. Today marks four days missing. I am praying so hard that he is returned ASAP. I sure don’t want to read a story titled “British Authorities Find Body of Missing Penguin”.

  3. Aaaawww, that is so sad. Poor little penguin. Hope the idiots that stole it realise the work involve, and the wrong-doing they have done, and return it to the zoo. Hope it survives.

  4. A Jackass penguin named Toga? If this had happened in the U.S., I would immediately suspect Johnny Knoxville. Maybe the asshat that took him can actually read, will see the articles, and will have enough sense to send him back.

  5. Hope the penguin is returned back to the zoo :o)Looking forward to the 12th day phil, i expect a ripper!

  6. That is so sad I just read it about in the newspaper today.Speaking of Penquins..Has anyone seen the movie The March iof the Penquins?

  7. That really is the saddest thing ever. He is so cute!!!Poor little guy.

  8. Awww he is so cute…people that are cruel to animals should be shot.-N

  9. i hope he is safe. animals should never suffer. they are pure and true.

  10. Michelle- That’s a lot of pressure, but I’ve got a great idea.

  11. I hope he is found. Poor little fella.

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