Guns Don’t Kill People, Athletes Do!

…or at least they threaten to. Three times in the last month athletes have menaced the public with firearms. It used to be that we were only in danger of assault by athletes if we actually attended a sporting event. Last month, apparently in a hurry to replenish his supply of bling before the holidays, former major league relief pitcher Jeff Reardon held up a jewelry store by giving the clerk a note saying he had a gun. Then the oft-troubled former Denver Bronco running back, Maurice Clarett, who is no longer toting a football, was wanted for toting a gun during one of his evenings out on the town during which he robbed a couple. If we measured Maurice Clarett’s rap sheet against his yardage total in the NFL could you guess which is longer? Now Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick’s younger brother, Marcus, fresh off having his football scholarship revoked by Virginia Tech, threatened a 17 year old with a gun in the parking lot of a McDonald’s. There’s nothing hokey about that! I’m starting to wonder if the Homeland Security Act should spend more time tracking star athletes.

They say that sports is but a microcosm of society. What society is that?!!? The only society I know of where the people with tremendous physical gifts turn to a life of crime is in Gotham City or Metropolis. Unfortunately, Superman won’t be showing up to save us anytime soon. I think that Milton Bradley or some other game company could really capitalize on this recent trend. Why not market a sports themed game of Clue? “I want to solve the crime! I think it’s O.J. Simpson in the alley with a knife!”

8 responses to “Guns Don’t Kill People, Athletes Do!

  1. It’s called “entitlement.” Or rather a sense of entitlement. It’s getting worse and worse in this age of “Oooh, we can’t harm little Jimmy’s self-esteem.”I think it’s what happened when all those annoying Earth hippies from the 60’s started raising children.What the F@@@ happened to self-control and being held accountable for your actions?I’m not normally a ranter, but your post brought out my dark side.I feel better now.

  2. Fortunately, i can’t think of any of our athletes toting guns, probably because our gun laws are so tight, reflects in our murders per year compared to USA. However, i do know of some of our elite athletes involved in sex crimes, which are higher in OZ per head per capita than USA…..go figure!

  3. Why are these people robbing?Where is the money they made by being such great athletes?

  4. lol….Clue….I loved that game as a kid… I think teachers , firemen, military personell and maybe policemen should be given the money these fools make and give them the barely scaping by almost in poverty salary…..TAwnya

  5. Morons.P.S. my word verification is: iugun

  6. You better make up your mind. Do athletes kill people or does Phil? And didn’t you once say cell phones did too?

  7. Bah.What people feel they can get away with, they will do.I agree, too, with geewits…the entitlement thing is WAAY out of hand for the rich and famous.Bah.

  8. What’s another name for a Texas Crime Ring?A Dallas Cowboys huddle.It’s crazy, they go from high school athlete to college, drop out of college to go pro and then they wind up busted. Too bad they don’t pay the same penalties as the average Joe. They’re taught that their athletic abilities separate them from the rest of us.Brains, not brawn, is what rules the world.

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