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Many of you were kind enough to participate in the very brief psychological exam I posted here two days ago. The responses seemed overwhelmingly in favor of invisibility as the power of choice. The question is a bit of a projective test with your choice possibly telling a little bit about you. What did the two choices mean? If you chose flying it may symbolize either a desire to escape something you are fearful of, or striving for a lofty goal. It means the same in your dreams too. Those of you that chose invisibility should be ashamed of yourselves! A desire to be invisible could represent low self-esteem and a desire not to be noticed, or more disturbingly, it reveals your inner criminal. Think about it. Nothing you can do invisibly is legal or good. Wanting to know what others say about you when you’re not around? That’s a sign of insecurity in your relationships with others. Voyuerism? Fun, but illegal and stalker-like. Going to concerts or sporting events? It seems harmless, but is the same as stealing since admission is charged for all the visible people to enter. I didn’t do this to embarrass anyone, because in all honesty, as much as I want to say that I’m pious and good and that I would choose flying, I really would probably choose invisibility and do evil things too. Sadly,based on our representative sample, I guess that we can conclude that man, and woman kind is inherently evil. Evil is more fun anyway isn’t it?

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  1. Um, Yes it is!!! hehe. Thanks for stopping by to see my new blog. Jodi did an awesome job!!! However, I am invisible now as it is, so this is nothing new to me. Tawnya

  2. Tricky Phil.Psycho analyzing us like that.

  3. Tawnya- I may have to meet this Jodi you speak of. My blog is pretty bland.Berly- I didn’t think it was tricky. I thought it was a pretty transparent (pun intended) question.

  4. Like I said, I dream about flying quite often. I don’t think I have lofty goals, and I can’t imagine what I could be trying to escape from. Maybe I am trying to escape the corruption of humanity!?!

  5. hmmmmmi chose both.guess i’m an escapist criminal 🙂

  6. Ahh Yes, what could be more perfect… and my inner criminality, and my choice of career LMAO!!! Heh, maybe i can prosecute myself, then get myself outta jail LOL!

  7. Evil will always win, becuase good is dumb. you’re so sneaky!!!

  8. Very sneaky Phil. However, I will have you know that I am only evil on Mondays and Thursdays. The rest of the time I’m sweet as pie.

  9. Ha! I never thought of sneaking into a U2 concert or walking around naked on a hot day as evil, but if you say so…it must be.

  10. I disagree about attending the concerts or sporting events being theft. 1-We wouldn’t be taking a seat from someone who would have paid. 2-If we found a seat that was empty, we would not be blocking anyone’s view. 3-They give that stuff for free to VIP’s all the time and what’s more VIP than being invisible!(wink, wink)

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