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Over the last 15 years tattoos have become so mainstream popular that it could be considered rebellious not to have one. I have no problem with tattoos, the people who have them, or the people who don’t. I’m sure many of those people have a problem with me however, but most people’s problems with me have very little to do with whether or not they have a tattoo. What I love most about tattoos is the stories behind them. Some people have very thoughtful and interesting stories about why they chose the picture they did to permanently adorn their bodies with. Other people are just idiots when it comes to this sort of thing. These are the people I want to write about because they’re much funnier.

The best group is the neck tattoo people. If you’re going to have something tattooed on your neck you better damn well be sure that you’ll never change your mind. Through my job I once knew a couple who had each others names tattooed on the side of their necks. Yup, you guessed it. They broke up. If you’re going to have a name tattooed on your neck, why not your own? That way if you were to die without any I.D. on you the police would be able to figure it out. Drunken strangers who wanted to hit on you in a crowded bar could call out your name. Or if you went home with that same stranger and you needed to yell out their name in the throes of passion you’d have a little cheat sheet right in front of you. If you wanted to yell at a passing driver who just spent the last 40 miles on your tail with his hi-beams on, you could curse him by name.

Sometimes people also choose to express their political or philosophical opinions in their tattoos. There was the young gentleman I was behind in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World. He was particularly proud of his political affiliation. His neck tattoo simply said, “skinhead.” What if years down the road he decides to become a Republican? Oops! Bad example. I guess he wouldn’t have to change the tattoo after all.

Then of course some of the most popular tattoos are cartoon characters. I may be mistaken, but don’t tattoos last forever? I’m pretty sure Scooby Doo is going to be cancelled before then. Same with Winnie the Pooh and Peanuts. 40 years from now who wants to explain to their grandchildren that they liked a t.v. show enough that they had it tattooed on their ass? Why only tattoo cartoon characters on your body? If you like any t.v. show that much, then go ahead and have the star tattooed on your body. I’m sure an Oprah tattoo would look great. Then again if your ass if big enough to have Oprah tattooed on it you should probably be considering getting your stomach stapled instead.

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  1. Hmmm, I have been thinking about posting a photo of one of my tattoos on my blog, maybe this would be a good time.I got my first one when I was a teenager in the 70’s (had to fly to Berkely, CA and lie about my age – but up there anything goes).Back then VERY FEW people had tattoos, especially females. Most likely if you had a tattoo you were a biker or an ex-con. I was neither, I just always had to be different.Now that everyone has them it’s lost some of the thrill because people don’t stop and talk to me about it anymore “is that real?” “did it hurt?” “why did you get it?” Now it’s as common as earrings. Oh, I had my ear peirced three times on one side in HS too – long before that was a trend.Dang, this made me realize what a freaken weirdo people must have thought I was back then!!! Now I am normal 😉

  2. I loathe seeing dried up old women with leathery tanned skin, and tattoos, if only they knew how ugly they looked.

  3. A small tattoo, in an inconspicuous spot (that can be hidden by clothes) is OK by me (I don’t have any, BTW !), but some people do go overboard.

  4. hmmmm…now I’m thinking that I may need to reconsider that tatoo of Mickey Mouse with a lawnmower right above my pubic area.

  5. I think I’ll get a picture of Phil over my heart.You don’t mind…do you?I suspect it’ll go well with the other cartoon characters I have.Tee HEE!🙂

  6. I am wanting a tat. But haven’t done it yet…. You made me laugh with this entry. Tawnya

  7. Wow…GREAT post! I, too, have a tattoo. I got it the day before I turned 30. Now, with 35 radiply approaching, I’m thinking of getting another. Locations and of what are private.All I can say, is no regrets!

  8. Babs- Somehow your story of tattoos before their time doesn’t surprise me.Michelle- I take it that your are tat-less then?Meow- What’s stopping you? Go get one!Kim- Now that would be funny!

  9. Tai- Now that’s a great idea. You’d have to post a pic on your blog of course. Then I’d use that pic for my photo.Tigger- C’mon, what’s stopping you? I hear that Phil tattoos are very popular.G-Man- If you’re getting another I won’t be offended if you don’t jump on the Phil tattoo bandwagon.

  10. i have a friend who is a mortician and does embalming, he says they really get a kick out of the older people who have risque tattoos. i say give ’em something to talk about, keep it hidden for everyday wear if you are in the kind of profession that frowns on tats, but hey go for it, it is something no one can take away from you…uh hello, i’m doni and i have been tatted 😉

  11. I love my tats…OH…BTW…there is a new gillette fusion…and yes…5 blades!!! It made me laugh and think of you.-N

  12. I will never understand hwy people tattoo other’s names on themselves. Stupid Stupid Stupid.

  13. Natalia- I saw the add for the 5 blades during the Super Bowl! Am I a prophet or what?Berly- I’m sorry you feel that way. I was just going to get my “Berly” tattoo today.Doni- I’ll bet your mortician friend has some great stories. He should start a blog.

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