The United States of Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is arguably the most famous person in America. Oprah Winfrey could probably buy Switzerland and have enough money left over to order a pizza. If George W. Bush likes a book, it’s probably by Dr. Suess. If Oprah Winfrey likes a book it becomes a bestseller. If you help Oprah lay off the carbs for a few weeks, you can get your own t.v. show and become a pop culture icon. If Hollywood ever decides to update the ancient fable of King Midas as a movie they could just substitute Oprah’s life story. Why she doesn’t just ride to her public appearances in a Popemobile is beyond me. Was that first paragraph redundant? Absolutely. Was it superfluous? I think not.

You get the point. Oprah is big, and not in the way she used to be. Her popularity has reached heights that few celebrities ever have known. George Bush can only dream of a public consensus like that. My question is, what’s stopping Oprah from running for the presidency? If the population is, as they say, 52% women, how could she be stopped? Scary thought huh? (I sure hope she likes my blog)

24 responses to “The United States of Oprah

  1. And like her or not…she does use a lot of her celebrity for good. It is amazing to see her star constantly rising.I bet if she ran for president she would win. Would that be such a bad thing? Maybe we need a president who reads more than doctor suess.

  2. G Man stole my post!I was gonna say that! Personally, i can’t stand her, but she does spend mega on others and i admire her greatly for that.

  3. In general, people who aspire to the U.S. presidency crave power and attention. Oprah already has both. Why would she bother?Also she is a self-professed people pleaser and you can not be both a president and a people pleaser.And the biggest reason? The president has to answer to EVERYONE. Oprah answers to NO ONE.

  4. oprah bothers me i wouldn’t vote for her

  5. She certainly is a do-gooder, in the nicest possible way. She helps many needy people … wish she could spread some of that money my way !!! Take care, Meow

  6. I agree with g-man. Also, I don’t think anything is “stopping” her. Maybe it is just a matter of timing. After all, there is a time and a place for everything. However, I imagine she finds her time is better spent doing what she’s doing now. Not to mention, the pay check is much better. With all the animosity toward Dubya, I would think Oprah would be a welcome change for you.

  7. I’m not a huge Oprah fan, however from what I’ve seen she doesn’t take her status as an icon lightly. Seems to me a president ( I’m not american but eh ) who spent all their resourses bringing out the best in people, demanding the best eduacation for all and giving fully of themselves would be a good thing…….……mind you, it would mean your whole country would cut back on your carb intake and MY country would go into financial ruin without you guys to sell our grain to so……..hummmm, best keep that guy you have now and leave Oprah to her fame.Have a great weekend xxx

  8. Oprah rules the world now, why would she settle for just the US.

  9. Scary perhaps, but I doubt she’d shoot her friends!

  10. I love Oprah. I think she is bright and compassionate. I think she is far more intelligent and knowledgeable than most people in our government. I would vote for her.-N

  11. Enough with Oprah already! 🙂

  12. I hope everyone noticed that I didn’t write this post as for or against Oprah. I was just stating facts. If you really want to know my feelings about Oprah… you’ll just have to guess. Prarie Girl and Cinthia- Welcome to The Phil Factor. It’s nice to meet you!

  13. Because she probably is smart enough not to. Maybe she could send some money my way. Pretty please…….

  14. I love Oprah. I think she’s great. But I never watch her show. It must be a girl thing.

  15. I like Oprah. I think she’s great because she wasn’t born rich and look at what she has accomplished. Talk about picking yourself up by the bootstaps and making something of your life. That and I’d really like to be on her “My favorite things” show!!! Atleast she gives great gifts to her audience! Could you imagine her as president? Instead of a chicken in every pot…it would be a Blackberry in every home! 😛

  16. You know, I don’t really care for Oprah. I’ve watched a lot of her ‘after’ shows on Oxygen and when she’s talking to the audience, she has a tendency to blow them off when they ask questions during the Q & A. That always annoys me.

  17. I hate oprah.

  18. I like Oprah… I believe she’d do a fine job!

  19. I like her…and if i could vote in the states, i’d vote for her. Although, sometimes, I feel that she favors one race over the other…..But I could totally be wrong.

  20. I love watching the oprah winefrey show down here in aus! as for presidency….I dunno????

  21. Ehhh, Oprah is fine where she is. Let her stay on T.V. Tawnya

  22. If Phil gave away a few Pontiac’s like Oprah, his star would sure rise!

  23. Hey Gooby!

  24. I have to say that I am sadly disappointed in all of you. Not one of you thought to create a fake blogger I.D. as Oprah and leave a comment on this post. It’s what I would have done. Just ask Linny.

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