__________ with The Stars!

“In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.” -Andy Warhol

I think some “celebrities” had better check their Swatches because their 15 minutes were up well, back when there were Swatches. The February Sweeps Month! What could be better than that? All the networks try to win ratings by putting on the highest quality, most intellectually stimulating programming of the year. Or they pander to the lowest common denominator by enlisting B-list celebrities to degrade and humiliate themselves for our entertainment. Dancing with The Stars, Skating with The Stars, Lose Weight with The Fat Stars, Celebrity Fear Factor! (I am so going to sue Fear Factor for copyright infringement for the similarities in our names) For my money, anything that puts Dave Coulier back on the air can only be a sign that the end of the world is near. You and I both realize that it’s only a matter of time before The Playboy Channel produces “Sex with The Stars,” and there is no way it can be good for anyone to watch Tina Yothers getting jiggy with Screech. Thank God for TiVo, and by the way Mr. Warhol, when do I get my 15 minutes?

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  1. Who came up with the name first?I can’t wait to see who is 15 minutes famous next!

  2. LOL!! What is your obsession with Dave Coulier??

  3. I think those shows are getting alittle out of hand. The only one of those I like to watch is Dancing with the Stars. Only because I like that music and dancing are becoming popular again because of it. Tina Youthers…huh huh huh…she’s so 80’s. LOL! Did you know she has her own band. LOL!

  4. Hey now…I LOVE Dancing with the stars. I watch it religously.

  5. The worst offenders are the reality show people. Ick, I could just hit them.-N

  6. Leighann- I’ll never tell.Princess- It’s not my obsession, it’s you Canucks. Why he is so popular up there I’ll never know.Brandi- No, I didn’t know about Tina Yother’s band. I’m sure they’re really big in Canada.Linny- I still don’t get why people love “Dancing…”Natalia- The reality shows are what my article that I had sold then unsold to the paper was/is about.

  7. Let me remind you that WE canucks do NOT love dave coulier…infact, I dont know one person that likes him, nevermind LIKED him….that whole “cut it out” bit from full house is SO rediculous.

  8. Princess- Wouldn’t that be “cut it oot” from you?

  9. When is your 15 minutes?Cause I’m gonna record it.

  10. I now know why I watch so little TV, I have heard of the shows you mention, even seen snippets of a few—which again is why I watch so little–the only thing I am missing—is that I often do not who or what someone is talking about–although since I do still occasionally monitor what my teen watches, I know more than I care too about spoiled 16yr old birthday parties, and Flav la Flav or whatever his name is—which reminds me, how did he get more than his 15 minutes?

  11. Berly- Believe me, when I get my 15 minutes I’ll let everyone know.Sunny- Believe it or not, my brother has met Flava Flav.

  12. Oh your poor brother! I bet that was an experience he wants to repeat! 🙂Although maybe the guy in person is less ‘out there’.

  13. Phil, this was one very true post. I am sick of reality t.v as well…. I never watch it, but it takes some of my fave shows off the air for their 2 hour episodes… Ick! Tawnya

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