The Door

Tucked away in a small recess around a corner and behind a vending machine is a door. By today’s standards it appears unusual. It is not exceptional in its shape or other dimensions, but it is distinctly different in a way that is difficult to define. The door is made of wood as are many doors. The grain of the wood creates an intricate spiral pattern visible through the amber finish. In the nearly abandoned institutional setting, however, the wooden door seems out of place when compared with the more modern steel and glass sections of the edifice that contains it. The brass bulb style handle appears to be far out of place; an ornament from another time.

The broad, windowless door serves as the dead end of a short, dark alcove. There is no light to brighten this exaggerated cubby. No windows nearby and no glowing globe hanging from the ceiling. It is as if the architects intended the door to be ignored. The door is almost hidden in plain sight. Although the nearby vending machine must certainly attract regular traffic, the floor in front of the door appears to be thick with the gray dust that always seems to coat the hallways of buildings usually referred to as institutions. It has the smell you recognize from the time you secretly found your way into the boiler room of your elementary school all those years ago. It is a smell that tells you that you are alone in a place entered rarely and only by necessity.

To be continued…

13 responses to “The Door

  1. What???!!!

  2. GO TOWARDS THE DOOR PHIL!!And sweep up on the way, would ya!

  3. Well, this is a little out of the ordinary for you Phil. Are you writing a book and testing the material out on us, or are you just testing us to see what kind of response you will get. I know how you love to analyze us…LOL!Looking forward to the continuing saga of “the door”.

  4. It’s amazing what is found when we open our eyes, allow our minds to wander over what we see….the unexceptional becomes the exceptional.Excellent description btw–i can see the door, feel the dust tickling my nose, the boiler room scent memory , feel the discomfort. Looking forward to more.

  5. I’m always tempted to look behind the door. ALWAYS. What if it’s the gateway to a secret world?

  6. Fantastic descriptive writing Phil 🙂

  7. Love the descriptive. Its easy to see why people would want to publish excerpts from your blog.

  8. Oooh, ooohh!! Mr. Kotter! I must know what’s behind the spooky door!

  9. Consider my interest piqued.-N

  10. ok, you must have been to the marshall county courthouse, i swear there is a door like this with a vending machine in fron of and to the side….seriously…

  11. was this the door of Perception by any chance?

  12. Interesting !!!! The door to your imagination, perhaps ??Take care, Phil. Meow

  13. Part 2 in the morning.

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