The Door: Part II

Centered directly above the door, mounted so that it points straight out from the wall is a basic light fixture containing a single, bare, red bulb. The red light is not illuminated, nor does it appear to have been in quite some time. What could the red light be intended as a warning for? A swath of dim light from the nearby hallway reluctantly edges its way into the entryway. It is by this dim light that I am able to make out two details that had escaped my notice at first glance. On the wall to the left of the oddly imposing door is a switch in the up, on position. Then in the gloomy light I am also able to see that there is a single word stenciled on the door at about eye level. The letters are gold and of a font that appears to be quite old.

“Necropsy” it simply says. Behind the door is death, or at least this is where death used to be when this was a functioning hospital. The room behind the mysterious door is the old morgue.

I tentatively reach out to try the knob, not sure if I really want it to turn. The brass handle refuses to budge and in my mind I feel a relief that I hope isn’t apparent on my face. On a whim I flip the switch to my left. Nothing happens. No sound from within the room. No red light suddenly ablaze above me. No blaring alarms to warn anyone of an intruder. What could the switch be for? As I look to the space at the bottom of the door expecting to see a sliver of light from within, I instead see something that seems to make my blood freeze in my veins. At first I am unsure if it is just a shadow, but as I bend down to look more closely I see that it is indeed what I feared it might be.

11 responses to “The Door: Part II

  1. Mc Donalds wrappers?

  2. To read the rest you’ll have to wait for the new bestseller coming to a bookstore near you, in about 5 years.

  3. It’s IT’S a “CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTRUE”!I love those.

  4. OMG! no noise, so can’t be skittering cockroaches….think I need to know more of how your mind twists and turns. Nice cliffhanger.

  5. Is it blood?Its blood isn’t it?Oh god.Its horrible!

  6. Skinny green bulbous finger tips … aliens ?????

  7. That sounds like the doors that they use in Monsters Inc.

  8. OMG It’s just like the Sixth Sense. Oh, I’m all creeped out now!!Finish the story before I start jumping up and down!!

  9. Very Stephen King of you.-N

  10. I like it…. Interesting turns… I think you should make it into a book or a short story at least. Tawnya

  11. Cheese ‘n’ Rice, Phil! Get on with it, man!Crack that sucker open and bring your OUIJA board. You have one, right?

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