A Place For You To Visit

The person most responsible for the existence of the phil factor is not me, but a friend of mine from work named Erin. Last Spring I was doing a sports blog and just starting to write for websites. As I usually am on any given day in the office, I was walking around saying exactly the same kind of inane things you read from me on this blog. My friend Erin said, “You ought to start a blog with that,” and hence the birth of the phil factor. I think Erin is a very amusing person and have lobbied her for the last 6 months to start her own blog. She finally has. Please go visit and say hello to her at: kennychesneyrascalflatts.blogspot.com

6 responses to “A Place For You To Visit

  1. okay I will sonn!!! Thanks, always looking for interesting blogs to read. Tawnya

  2. On my way……….

  3. roger that… paying a visit now…

  4. I left a comment. Her blog looks promising.

  5. …Someone else gets full credit for the birth of my blog as well…Fortunately, we split, but now I have my blog, and all of you guys. LOL

  6. Glad you took Erin’s advice. I am off to read her now 🙂

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