5 Phil Quirks

This is a tag. It is only a tag. If this had been a real self-disclosure you’d have been notified where in your area to tune to for emergency information. I’ve been tagged by Michelle to reveal “weird” things about myself. I can’t say that I have anything seriously weird about me, but I have a few minor quirks. Here they are:

1. When an ATM machine asks me if I’d like a receipt for my transaction I always push “no” in the hope that if it doesn’t print out a receipt, the machine may forget to deduct the money from my account.

2. I was a blue baby. Not blue as in depressed. I was the color blue.

3. I have a scar shaped like a wishbone. This will come in handy if any of you has to identify my body at the morgue.

4. I was born with only one wisdom tooth in my entire head. This fact won’t help you to identify me at the morgue because I had it removed.

5. I have never eaten a pickle in my life.

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  1. You’re kidding. You don’t ask for a receipt???(oh, and the pickle thing is pretty odd. What, exactly, DO you do with them?)

  2. There’s a reason they call them wisdom teeth. And I still have all of mine.(hardest word verification ever. this may take me 15 minutes)

  3. Don’t worry about the wisdom teeth Phil, i have none and look how clever i am!Thanks for exposing yourself :o)

  4. No pickles???They are like my eleventh favorite food!

  5. No pickle????? WOWAnd I never ask for a receipt. But not for that reason… very derrr of you, though.-N

  6. I love pickles, all shapes and sizes and flavors. Can I have your leftovers?ATM? Never used one. That would involve money I don’t have.

  7. So how is that ATM thing working? Has it forgotten to charge you yet?. I’ve had mine charge me and then not give me the money. Twice. What a hassle!

  8. Not a single pickle? Ever? Not even a bit? Relish? In tuna salad? Never? This deserves investigation. Why? It stands to reason that if you’ve never had one, you can’t say you don’t like them, so what gives? How bizarre. Ah well, regardless, is just leaves more for me.And that ATM thing, that is endearingly hysterical. Don’t ever stop thinking that.

  9. What about a cucumber? That’s kind of in the pickle family…lol I suppose you don’t want a bag of Dill Pickle chips from Canada. 😉Where is this wishbone scar located?

  10. pickles are one of the grossest foods known to man. or woman.

  11. What? No picture of the wishbone scar? 😉

  12. So can we break you in half and make a wish?

  13. The “blue baby” thing would explain a lot…ya know, lack of oxygen to the brain and all. I would like to know why you’ve never tried a pickle. Do you have pickle issues? Maybe it has something to do with your being repulsed by anything remotely resembling a phallus (ARBY’s).BTW…I was totally joking about the blue baby thing. You are the most clever almost dead baby I have ever encountered.

  14. i get the receipt, just so they have to use the ink, petty i know. now the pickle thing is kinda scarey phil, how ever in the world have you avoided pickles all your life?

  15. Lucifleur- Welcome to The Phil Factor. As for the pickles, I never get them. I specifically ask that they be left off of any meal I order anywhere.Geewits- A friend once told me that having less wisdom teeth is a sign of being more highly evolved. Since we don’t need them those of us without them have evolved further.Michelle- Thanks for asking me to expose myself ; )Berly- No pickles. Not once. Eeeew!Natalia- What’s your reason for not asking for a receipt?Bob- I’ll have all my pickles sent directly to you. Over the course of my life that must add up to about 3000.

  16. Gary- The ATM thing hasn’t paid off yet, but I’m confident it will.Carly-Ann- Welcome to TPF. It’s nice to meet you! I don’t eat pickles, relish, or tuna salad because I hate vinegar. I can’t get past the smell. Heidi- I love cucumbers. I hate pickles because of the vinegar. I held one once with the intention of trying it, but I couldn’t get past the smell. As for the scar…that’s a secret that might be revealed in an HNT pic someday!Say Rah- You’re my kind of girl! Thank you for confirming that everyone else is crazy.Tamara Ann- Welcome! No pic of the scar. See my response to Heidi.

  17. Linny- Did you say can “we” make a wish on you? “We” implies more than one. I like the sound of that. Have at me ladies!Kim- I don’t think my baby blueness had anything to do with lack of oxygen, but more likely a tiny hole between an two heart chambers that allowed the red oxygenated blood to mix with the blue non-oxygenated blood. If the hole is tiny enough they close on their own shortly after birth. Derr.d.- I hope your ink vendetta against the banks doesn’t cause a worldwide fiscal crisis. I’m pretty sure it’s your fault that the gas prices are so high.

  18. Ah, so it’s the vinegar. Okay, that I can see. Thanks for the explanation. And the welcome.

  19. Eeewww, I don’t eat pickles .. tried them, don’t like them … yuck.ATM receipts are a nuisance, anyway.Take care, Meow

  20. Phil…it was a joke…didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way.Little know fact is that I worked in Birth Defects Monitoring for the Texas Department of Health for almost 5 years and I am familiar with heart defects. It is called a PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosus) from the sound of what you described. DERR!

  21. Kim,I wasn’t offended or rubbed the wrong way at all. Anything said here by me is all in good fun.

  22. I can understand never eating an olive, but a pickle? Surely, you jest!

  23. Barbara- I’ve only tried an olive once and I spit it out, So I’ve never really even eaten and olive either.

  24. I can then assume that you’ve never had pickled pigs feet. Ewwhh…I haven’t either, but my grandpa liked them. Blech..I do love pickles. You live in NY and you don’t love pickles? Don’t they serve them at every Deli? LOL!

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