You Are So Narcissistic!

Yes, you! I’m talking to you. Sitting there so smugly staring at your computer screen. I know you can’t see me, but I’m staring right back on my side with a finger pointing accusingly at you. You’re saying, “But Phil,” which is a strange thing to say to yourself unless you’re me, “how could I be narcissistic? Aren’t narcissists self-centered, egotistical, bastards who only care about themselves?” Yes they are, and you’re one of them. So am I. So is everyone who writes a blog. Let’s see a show of hands. How many of you reading this write your blog for altruistic reasons? Hmmm…give me a moment to count. One, two, oh, sorry, I guess you were just scratching. What’s that, you in the glasses were yawning and stretching? Still waiting to see a hand raised. Bueller? Bueller? Here’s a little psychology lesson for you. Narcissists live to get affirmation from others. Isn’t that what we’re all doing here? We write because we want to be read, to be heard, to be recognized by another human being.

When I started my blog I had no idea about the comments or how they worked. I didn’t even know there were comments. I had no idea how people would find my blog. I just imagined that if I wrote a blog, random people surfing the internet would read it and be happy. I was happy with that. That way I imagined that there might be thousands worldwide enjoying my wit and wisdom. Then I discovered comments! Now I’m hooked. Hi, my name is Phil and I’m addicted to comments. Everybody: “Hi Phil!”

Don’t be ashamed. Embrace your inner narcissism. Express your every thought on the world wide web secure in the knowledge that someone somewhere will read it and think you are brilliant. Having a bad day? Need confirmation that your boss or your significant other was wrong to treat you that way? Do you need someone to say they’re the crazy ones, it’s not you? Go ahead and post away. We’re here for you and we love you.

26 responses to “You Are So Narcissistic!

  1. and to think, we girls spent all those younger years hiding our diaries from others , now we post it for all the world to see, the times they are a changin’!

  2. Phil, i saw your buddy Dave Coulier on skating with the stars. He skates as good as he acts!!

  3. I think blogging is a nice way to get your thoughts and feelings out there. We all do want to be heard, we want to have other people relate to us. I think the older I get the smaller the circle of friends gets. So this is a great way to expand that circle.I met my husband online, so why not friends! LOL!

  4. I check my blog comments before I check my email. LOLAND not only that, when there’s a good discussion going on, other people have emailed me, and told me that they also check my comment section before they check their email…Fuck, im so popular.

  5. Hey Phil. This is my first time commenting. Anyways, I’m glad I read your blog today cuz I learned two new words, narcissistic and altruistic. I gotta use those today in a sentence. But yeah, I can see what your saying and relate to it. Aight. Lates.

  6. d.- I actually thought of making a diary reference in this post. Good call!Michelle- Dave isn’t my buddy, he belongs to Princess and the rest of those Canuck nutjobs.Brandi- I wasn’t condemning the internet or blogging in any way. I was just pointing out how egocentric blogging is.Princess- Read my comment to Michelle.Will- Thanks for commenting and thanks for stopping by. Nice to meet you.

  7. Just looking for a little ‘instant validation’ here Phil!🙂

  8. LOL!!! AHHH so witty. *insert sarcasm here*well then. You know, you talk about Dave Coulier an awful lot…Do you have a man crush on him? LOL…nut jobs? NEED i remind you who’s in charge of your country? And we’re nut jobs…LOL…how did that man get voted in? TWICE? Well, cause lets be honest…he didnt really win the first time did he? And im sure there are theories about the second time too.You love Canadians philly…YOU LOVE US.

  9. phil, i didn’t realize it before, but you hit it right on the head. very insightful. i’m usually too busy seeing if people are commenting to think about what that actually means…

  10. Tai- You’re always welcome here because you have so many brilliant things to say.Princess- Without Canadians who would I make fun of? Say Rah- Thank you for re-affirming my brilliance. It’s why I come here!

  11. This post is great! I have always maintained that blogging is an entirely indulgent and narcissistic hobby. I have no problem with that. In fact, that’s probably why I love it!

  12. I guess I need to get to a BA meeting asap

  13. You might learn to just get along phil…Learn to just get along…GeezWhy must there always be hurt feelings with you?

  14. I’ve thought before that I might have NP, but I’m not a validation person. I’m one of those people that doesn’t give a flip what other people think. I think only my best friend and my husband read my blog. I use it as a reference/journal type thing. Like the other day my husband asked when we got our new kitty. I checked my blog and there it was! And I’ve always said, “Why bother to remember something when you can look it up?”

  15. Carly-Ann- You response is the perfect illustration of my point. Thank you for being so intelligent. It’s amazing that more people don’t see how smart you are. You deserve better.Barbara- Then again, those (fill in the blank) anonymous meetings are like verbal blogging. You pour out your sad story and everyone says, “That’s OK, we still love you.”Princess- You’re right, I secretly do love Canada and wish that I could live there. In truth I do love all my Canadian blogging. friends. Geewits- The first step is admitting it. Say it with me, “My name is Geewits and I am powerless over blogging.”

  16. I totally agree … I can’t wait to turn my computer on in the morning, and check my emails to see HOW MANY comments I have received overnight !!! That is just soooo exciting, especially when there are heaps … makes me think lots of people love me !!Great post, Phil.Take care, Meow

  17. I love my narcisistic ways. And yours. And all my other fellow bloggers who have the need for attention.

  18. And here I am thinking this may be a good way to meet new people.

  19. think maybe i’d get more attention if i had the time to actually make a post on my poor dust-gathering blog?

  20. Phil, not all Canucks are nutjobs. (We have a secret club and meet once a week at Tim Hortons…)Josie

  21. Josie!You’re revealing all our secrets…next thing you know, you’ll be telling Phil what a Timbit is!!!

  22. Hah..! I wouldn’t do that. First thing you know they’d be flooding the boarder to come up here and have some of those tasty little treats… And then they might discover Hawkins cheezies.Couldn’t allow that.Josie

  23. I KNEW IT!!! You’re envoius of our social policies and health care.

  24. Narcissistic? Naaa, I’m to intelligent, goodlooking, and sensitive to be self-centered or egotistical. I write my blog because people need to hear what I have to say and be enlightened. I’m just so special. The fact that a lot of readers don’t comment on my blog must be an indication of their inferiority and intimidation, right? Tell me I’m special……..

  25. Bob, I popped over to your (very interesting) blog, but couldn’t figure out how to comment…? Is it set up differently…?Josie

  26. Phil, I think you have started a revolution of blog comments on comments on comments, a very funny and very truthful post, sign me up for the BA too, because once we start receiving comments it seems a lot harder to stop posting.

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