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Several months ago I asked readers that if they had a choice of powers to be invisible or have the ability to fly, which would you choose? Most people picked invisibility so that they could do sneaky things. On my way to work today I witnessed something that made me think that we all believe we’re invisible sometimes. Based on what I observed today as well as what I’ve seen most mornings during my commute there appears to be a large percentage of the population who believe they are not visible through the windows of their cars.

Last week I followed a man in a pick up truck who was reading the newspaper while he drove. Not just at stop lights, but while the vehicle was in motion. He didn’t have the newspaper folded up small either. He had it wide open on the steering wheel as if he was home having his morning coffee. Fortunately for him, the logo on the side of his truck indicated that he worked for a collision repair shop. It would be redundant to mention all the women doing hair and makeup as they drive, including one I saw using a curling iron. Do they even make car adapter plugs for those? I once read a news story about a man who was arrested for watching t.v. while he drove. He had literally bolted a small television to the dashboard. Sheesh! Even I know that you have to keep the t.v. down on the seat so the cops don’t see you. This guy must have had cable because I didn’t see a satellite dish on the roof of his car.

The worst thing I’ve ever seen was today. I was driving along studying my fellow travelers and doing a little car shopping when I spotted a black Subaru Tribeca (going south on I-390, in case the driver is a blogger, now you know I saw you). “That’s a nice looking car,” I thought to myself. Even if it’s two years until I’m in the market for a new car I’m still always shopping in my mind. In the far left lane I gradually gained on the Subaru. It was sleek, black, and looked very new. Even cars look good in black don’t they? As I pulled alongside, admiring it’s sleek lines, I looked in at the driver. I always look directly in at other drivers just in case it’s some one I might know. The driver was a well-dressed woman, a professional of some type judging by her attire, appearing to be in her mid-50’s. She also seemed to believe that the glass windows of her car made her invisible to others. She was picking her nose. This was not just any nose picking. She was in up to her elbow. She was digging as if in pursuit of an insect that had climbed deep into her sinuses. These weren’t even tinted car windows. This was such a disgusting display that I felt nauseous and immediately hit the accelerator hoping to drive away from the grotesque image now burned into my brain. Needless to say, there is no way I’m ever going to buy a used Subaru Tribeca. I don’t even think I could stomach a new one.

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  1. So you obviously didn’t know her then? LOL!I don’t see how you think you’re going to run into people you know whilst driving. NY must have a huge population, heavens i live in a town of 160,000 and whilst i may run into people now and again i never see anyone i know whilst driving!

  2. Michelle, Believe it or not there has been more than once that I’ve seen people I know on the highway several hours from my home.

  3. Don’t let a little nose picking affect your feelings about the Tribeca. Just make sure you buy a new one, and check for boogers under the seat…ya know those guys that manufacture cars must be major nose pickers and they have to dipose of their accomplishment somewhere. Mining, refining, and transportation is okay…just not in a public place or behind the wheel of a car with untinted windows!

  4. If I ever pull up beside someone who is picking their nose *whether im driving or passenger*, I wait until I catch their attention, then I point at them, and put my finger against my mostril and twist it back and forth….then I laugh, and drive off…

  5. “Do they even make car adapter plugs for those?”Phil Phil Phil.Can you say cordless BUTANE hair culers?My windows are extra-dark tinted. Take from THAT what you will!

  6. You mean to say you ‘aren’t’ invisible while picking your nose in your car? Is my face red. Great item. I actually wrote an entire column about vehicular nasal excavation a number of years ago. Amazing how many people related to it. One thing, though, as an owner of a black car, I would never buy another. Wash it and seagulls will fly in from miles around.

  7. ROTFLYes I have noticed people think they all have tinted windows….hehehe… now I don’t care if someone sees me laughing or chairdancing or singing my heart out… but yes the nose picking is not so funny. Ick.Derr.-N

  8. I disagree. I think of cars as being pretend private,like in “Clan of the Cave Bear,” where all these families live in this cave and yet pretend not to notice what the family circles around them are doing. What happens on the highway stays on the highway. Basically, if you don’t want to know what I’m doing in my car, don’t look.

  9. How can I put this…. Eww! But thanks for sharing. It could have been worse, she could have picked and then eaten it!! I love your blog because it makes me laugh.

  10. LOL at Princess!

  11. I haven’t picked my nose since, as a child, I read Shel Silverstein’s poem about a sharp toothed snail that lives up your nose.

  12. Kim, Unless I get it really cheap I don’t think I could own a Tribeca.Tai- Butane, really? Ian- Yeah, I know how bad dark cars look when they get dirty, but black is a great color on a nice looking car.Natalia- So are your windows tinted?Geewits- But I do want to know what my fellow drivers are doing so I can make fun of them here.dzeni- For all I know she did eat it later. I didn’t want to stick around to watch that. From the way she was digging she might have come up with a seven course meal.Heidi- What? No LOL at me? : (Attila- Tru dat!Amy- See? I think this woman was looking for that snail!

  13. I hate it when you’re at a light and the people in front of you open their door and spit a big loogey.Happens ALL the time and it’s so nasty.

  14. Phil,I found my way over from Ian’s blog. Great entry…very gross situation though! I wonder what she did with the boogies after she got them out…that could be a whole new entry.I once saw someone using a laptop while driving before. Scared the daylights out of me to say the least. 😉

  15. Phil-Nah mine are all clear baby!!! I have nothing to hide. -N

  16. Heidi- What? No LOL at me? : (Phil ..I always LOL at u..and sometimes LMAO..But u don’t see it .. 😉

  17. Linny- I agree. I’ll keep my loogeys to myself the next time I’m parked in the street looking up at your translucent curtained window. Me- welcome to The Phil Factor! It’s nice to meet you.Natalia- Then don’t be surprised if you look out of your car someday and see me staring back at you.Heidi- Whew! That’s a relief. I was worried I’d lost my funny.

  18. AS IF you didnt leave me a comment back? Is that becuase you hate canadians??? Why phil? WHY….

  19. Princess- I was saving the best for last. Your comment is perfect. Who better to torture and embarrass others than you? In Canada that must be pretty easy to do though.

  20. Phil, don’t be so hard on her. Maybe it was an emergency. 🙂

  21. Gary- I don’t believe I’ve ever had a nose picking “emergency.”

  22. Oh Phil…whatever….you’re so full of it. Leaving mine to the last….LOL.

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