I Hereby Copyright The Phrase…

Technology is the opiate of the asses.” I just wanted to get that out there in front of witnesses. Have a great weekend and read and comment on all my other posts beneath this. Seacrest out.

14 responses to “I Hereby Copyright The Phrase…

  1. Guess that explains my addiction!

  2. I have a bumper sticker that reads “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”Maybe they are all on the same drug?

  3. dzeni-I think we’re all addicted. The phrase came to me as I was responded to a post on the blog “I Moved Your Cheese Moron” which you can find in my blogrool list.Tai- I believe you are right. I love that bumper sticker.

  4. Good one.What is your licensing fee going to be. Someone is gonna want to put it on a t-shirt.

  5. I’m such an ass.

  6. First, I cannot forgive that you used “Seacrest out.” I think that guy sucks donkey balls. Hardcore. And tha just about negates your use of derr. So you owe me a few derrs to make up for that.And I am glad I could help in the coinage of such major awesomeness.lol-N

  7. LOL. I want to get a copy of Tai’s bumper sticker!

  8. Berly- Good idea. I know someone who makes t-shirts. I may have an idea to sell. Of course if I do make shirts I’ll give you one for free.G-Man- Aren’t we all?Natalia- Of course Seacrest is a big tool. That’s what makes it so funny that I used that. Derr. If I make t-shirts you also get one fre since it was your post that inspired my wisdom.Linny- Why not a copy of my bumper sticker?

  9. Definitely t-shirt and bumper sticker material. Go for it.

  10. I love technology. I just need somebody to figure it all out for me.

  11. I want that bumper sticker!!

  12. still, i prefer it to religion.

  13. Because you have yet to agree to “put out.” :o)

  14. Chloe- Yes, technology may screw up sometimes, but at least it makes sense.Linny- Agreed!

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